Monthly Archives: June 2009


Covering of the human body to cover the private parts and so that our body will be protected from the heat of the sun and from the cold, has started since the time of Adam and Eve.  It never mattered back then whether you cover your body with leaves, or animal skins. 

Nowadays, several styles of clothings have already emerged.  And so people such as fashionista and kikay was born.  Clothes sometimes represents for who and what you are and from where you’re from.

People wear different styles and textures of clothes depending on what they feel, what they like, and where they are going.   For me,  I wear the clothes that I like to wear on that day.  I don’t care whether it is out of style or what.  But what I don’t understand is why do some people always give bad comments on what you wear.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do appreciate people telling me that what I’m wearing does not suit me because it makes me look fat or makes me look like a pregnant woman.  What I don’t understand is if it they won’t give you a complement or a criticism that is a constructive one, why comment at all?  Like,  if you are wearing a red shirt,  they will tell you “Happy Birthday”.  So what if a person will wear a red shirt?  Does it have to be your birthday for you to have the right to wear a red shirt?

My point is, if you have nothing good to say, better yet, don’t talk at all.  I think every person has his right to wear what he/she wants to wear as long as it is clean and it smells good.