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Sharing What You Post


During the Cebu Blog Camp yesterday, one of the speakers mentioned that, some of the bloggers don’t really share there blogs to others.  Like sharing it to the link on their facebook or twitter.  His point was, if the blogger will not going to share it, he/she is not proud of what he/she is writing, he/she is not proud of how she writes.

For me, the reason why I don’t share my blog on my facebook and twitter is because there were a few entries on my blog that are too personal.  But I was also guilty on what he said on the part wherein I am not really that proud of what I post.(not really all.) 
A minute ago, I deleted several blog entries that for me is too personal and then shared my blog post on my facebook then twitter.  This is it.  Share… Share… Share…

Project 365 Days


Last year when I still have my Nokia 5800 phone I started a challenge for myself to take 1 picture everyday that would represent or could tell how my entire day was. I had also had an urge at that time to edit pictures. But when my phone was broken, I stopped taking pictures and the challenge also has stopped. Yesterday, during the blog camp, when one of the speakers introduce to us Piclyf. I began to get this tingling feeling to take one photo each day.  Hope I can start the challenge tomorrow and really finish it.  Wish me luck. Hehehehe…

Reposting: 9


Yes, the title is right. If you were in doubt as to whether I typed the title right or what, well, we have the same experienced. Hehehehe! Well, I just copied the movie from my officemate. At first I thought maybe the filename was wrong. But when I googled it, I found out that it was indeed the title of a movie. So I watched it and eventually liked it.

9 is a computer-animated fantasy or science fiction action adventure movie directed by Shane Acker. The voices behind the characters of the story are Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, and Christopher Plummer.

Well, enough with this casts and director thingy. Let me tell you about the story of this movie. The story started when a scientist invented machine called B.R.A.I.N. for peaceful purposes. But sad to say, the leader of mankind took control of the machine to start a war with other humans. Lacking a soul, the machine was corrupted and turned against mankind that lead into wiping them all. Before the scientist’s death, he created nine doll-like homunculi to ensure that there would still be living creatures. He also created a talisman that could destroy the B.R.A.I.N. The scientist died after he had animated 9, which is the heroine on the movie. To cut the story short, the B.R.A.I.N. was defeated because 1 sacrificed himself. The movie ends with only 9, 7, 3 and 4 left.

If you want to really know the whole story of the movie, well, just watch it. I promise you, you will like it.

Reposting: Wizards of Waverly Place


I know! I know! I am old enough for this kind of movies. hehehehe! So what? It’s a fun movie and you can really learn so many things on the movie. charing! heheheh!

The movie is casted by the following artists:

  • Alexandra “Alex” Margarita Russo by Selena Gomez : She is the middle child of the family.
  • Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo by David Henrie : The eldest child of the family.
  • Max Russo by Jake Austin : He is the youngest of the family
  • Jerry Russo by David DeLuise : The father, a wizard
  • Theresa Russo by Maria Canals Barrera : The mother, a mortal

The movie is all about a family of wizards, well except for their mother who is a mortal.  The movie started when their mother and father planned to spend their vacation in the Caribbean where the two of them first met and fell in love with each other.  Theresa, warned the three children not to use any magic for the rest of their vacation to fully appreciate the place and everything.  But Alex, stole the  family’s forbidden book while Justin brought with him the full-wizard wand.  Alex did not really like the idea of the family bonding activities, and the wearing of same cloth for their dresses and etcetera.  The conflict of the movie started when Theresa did not allow Alex to attend into a party together with a boy who worked the resort.  Alex, got so mad so he confronted Justin that she knew that Justin had the full-wizard wand and that she will tell her parents if he will not allow him to use it.  While on the room doing some spells, to make their parents agree of everything they will ask for, Alex was caught by Theresa using magic.  They argued and Theresa told Alex that she is grounded and is forbidden to use magic.  After their fight, Alex wished that her mom and dad did not meet.  And with the wand on her hand her wish did came true.  So Alex asked Justin for help to fix everything.  They went to this wizard that they met there who said that he knew where the Stone of Dreams can be found. (If you have the stone of dreams, you will be able to make one wish.)  So Justin and Alex with the wizard and a parrot who is really a wizard who was turned into one journeyed to find the stone of dreams.  While Max was left to watch over their parents so that they will not meet other people.  to cut the story short, Alex and Justin got the stone of dreams and Alex wished that everything will be back to normal.

The lesson that I learned from the story is that parents really do know what is good for us.  We might not see the clear picture on what they want us to see, but we should trust them because they have already been to a lot of hardships in life.  Also, we can’t really appreciate the beauty of things and the wonders and goodness of a person until they are gone.  This lessons might have already been shared to many people, but we always tend to forget this things and neglect it.

Spend some time with your love ones and tell them how much they mean to you every single day of your life before it’s too late.

Reposting: Attended: Cebu Blog Camp 2010


Well, the day that I have been waiting for has finally come. I have already attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2010 which I have been so excited to be in for these past few days.(Reeeeally excited…as in…That I really visit the cebu blog camp site everyday checking if they have any further notice…hehehehe…And was so sad when the confirmation mail did not come last Wednesday which they promised.heheheh..) It was really a very fun and informative camp/conference. The speakers really made sure that they delivered their topic well and that their content would really help us. I got to meet new friends. I hope I could meet them again or still keep in touch with them. Because honestly speaking, aside from the fact that the event was free,(hehehehe…) the reason that I joined the camp was really for me to meet new friends, to meet other bloggers in the Philippines.

Aside from the fact that the event was free, I never thought that out lunch and snacks would also be free. For lunch, they served us burger steak and fried chicken from Jollibee. Well, we did not have the two, we had the option whether we will have the burger steak or the fried chicken. And for our snacks, they served us a doughnut from Krispy Kremes. (yum!yum!yum) I was really already planning this morning where I am going to take my lunch but thanks to them they served us free lunch which saved us in going out of the CAP building, under the heat of the sun. hehehhe…

Aside from the free lunch and snacks that they served us, they had also given-out many freebies and prizes. For the freebies, they gave us a bag with a mozilla badge, mozilla wrist band, and brochures of Maribago Blue Waters and Sumilon island. I was also lucky enough to get a hand with Mr. Wilson Ng’s comic book. But unfortunately, I did not win any prizes from the raffles. And I did not get any give aways for those who will ask some questions to the speakers because I did not asked. (hehehehe… They gave out t-shirts and a havainas slippers for those who will ask questions. One of the prizes of the raffles are 2 cellphones. sigh!) But that’s okay, I got what I came for, the knowledge that I have sought and the new friends that I eagerly wanted to meet. Thanks to the organizers and the sponsors of the event for coming up with this.

Here are some pictures of the event and of the freebies.

Reposting: Why I Blog?


During the Cebu Blog Camp event 2010, one of the speakers, Mica, asked a few participants on why they blog.  Then it struck me.  Why do I really blog?  Why do I write these stuffs in the internet?

I blog for so many reasons.  One of those reasons is for me to hopefully share some valuable lessons to the readers of my blog.  It is not really about me.  I mean I don’t really blog because I want to be famous or something.  I blog because I want to partake something to the readers.  I want to touch their lives.  Isn’t it a great feeling that someday a reader will comment to your blog and will tell you that by reading to your blog he/she has really learned a lot of things, and that you have made an impact to their lives?  That is why it is really important for me to know that somebody has followed me on my blog or somebody has read my blog because I am hoping that I might give an impact to their lives.

Bantayan 2011 Get Away

It’s been so long since I have updated my blog.  I apologize.  I was really so busy this
past few days.  Both in work and in wandering.  Hahahaha! Let me make it up to you by sharing to you my Bantayan get away last May 21-22.

Before that I’ll share to you first the days before we went to Bantayan.

It all started when Jill told us that the QA team was planning to go to Bantayan on the 21st of May upto the 22nd.  Me and Weng, without any hesitation told Jill that we would love to go to Bantayan.  We agreed that we will just come along with the QA team in getting to Bantayan and we will stay in Sugar Beach and build our tent there.  So it was settled then.  For many days, we have been planning on what to bring, how much money we should bring and spend.

Two days before the event, we then agreed that on the day before we will go to Bantayan, the three of us will spend the night in Weng’s house.  So that we will devide the taxi fare and we will just pay less.  Hehehe!  We are just so laagan.  hahaha!

When I agreed that we will be staying in Weng’s house the night of our departure, I forgot that it was also my cousin’s birthday on that day and we had an agreement that we will go to MO2.  Good thing, PC was already shown to cinema on that day, so Jill and Weng agreed that they will watch PC while waiting for me.  Hehehe!

We slept so late that night which made us get up 15minutes late on what we have planned the night before for us to wake up.  We were supposed to be in North Bus Terminal before by 6am, but we arrived there around 6:45 or 6:50am.  Good thing  were not the ones who arrived last.

When we arrived at the Sta. Fe pier, me, Jill and Weng did our plan to go separate ways with the QA team.(not totally.hehehehe. )  After we have made our tent, change into a more comfortable clothes, we texted Ralf that we will go to Kota Beach Resort so that we can go with them in going to Bantayan proper.  So began our so mainit and so basa journey to Kota beach resort.  Hehehehe!

We took a lot of pictures there (cam-whores.hehehe! ) and bought buwad for pasalubong and had some snacks in one of the bakeries there.  Then we went back into our respective resorts.  When me,Jill and Weng arrived in Sugar Beach, we decided to change into our swimwear and plunge into the water. (char!hehehehe! )  We swam until 6pm and decided to start walking to Kota beach to have our dinner together with the QA team.

After we had our dinner, the QA team then started their team building.  We thought that we will just be spectators of their activity, until MIss Ann told us that we will be joining on their team building.  (Ambush!)  To make it worst, because each of them had to present something(dance,sing,latay sa alambre…hehehehe!), the three of us were not exempted.(Remind me again how I get into this? Hehehehe!)  But despite of that spontaneous presentation, we did have fun.  We partied, and swam till 3am.

The next day, Weng woke me up at 7am so that we will start walking to Sugar Beach to get our things.  After we took our things and ate our instant noodles for breakfast, we slept again till 11am.  We were really so tired and sleepy so we just took a shower.(it was also so hot outside, so we did not dare to go swimming again.)

After all of us has freshen up and packed our things we ate our lunch in the restaurant in Kota(the food was delicious but we had to starve to death before we could it them) then went to the pier to go back to Hagnaya then to Cebu City.

But wait there’s more.  Our adventure did not end there.  Hehehe!  Ralf has already contacted a guy who will be the one to contact a van that would take us home.  But when we arrived at the Hagnaya pier, the guy told us that we have to wait an hour for the van to come.  (sigh)  We waited for 2hours until a manong came who just drop by in Hagnaya pier taking his chances if there are still passengers.

The vacation that we had was indeed enjoyable and yet so tiring.  Nevertheless, we bonded till our eyes dropped.  Hehehehe!


Cebu Blog Camp 2011

What it is?

 The Cebu blog Camp  is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc. which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu.


is co-presented by


Bronze Sponsors

Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc.


Media and Institution Partners

Official Web Browser

Official TV Media Partner

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Academy for International Culinary Arts

This will be my second time in attending the said event.  And I still want to join again.  Below are a few reasons why I still want to join.

  1. I can meet new friends
  2. I can learn so many things.
  3. The event is so enjoyable
  4. It has lots of freebies.
  5. It is free.

Invisible Girl


The last time I checked myself in the mirror, I am certainly sure I am not invisible.  But why is it that people doesn’t seem to see me or notice me when I’m around.  I’m not saying that I want their attention.  All I’m saying is that, when I talk, please do listen to me.  It really hurts when I talk and nobody listens or want to hear the ideas that I want to partake.  It hurts when people just walk in front of you as if your not there.  The worst part? They sometimes step on your foot or bump on you and not asking for sorry.

I’m not asking for you to remember me or what.  All I want is for you to consider to hear my voice when I talk and to not just step on me as if I am not human or I don’t have the right to be there.  :((

Mother’s Day


Today, during mass.  The deacon mentioned on his homily on what good or bad memories we could remember about our mothers when we encounter a certain situation.

For me, everytime, I go down or up on an escalator, I can remember the time when me, my mom and my sister went to Gaisano Metro.  We were going down the escalator so that we could go home already.  i don’t know what happened to me and my sister at that time, but we got scared in riding the escalator.  Hahahaha!

Another is, everytime I see our old “Bible for Children” copy, I can remember, those times when me and my sister were still little girls.  We were still sleeping in banig, at time.  Every night, before we go to sleep, mama would read one story from the bible.  She’s really a good storyteller.  If here were times that she was not around because she went to an out of town seminar, we would ask papa to tell us a story.  But mama still is the best storyteller for me.

I may not be the little girl that mama used to tell bible stories, or the little girl she hugs and kisses every night, but I will still be the Hannah, who loves her so much.  I Love You Mama.