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When I Grow Up I want to be a…

Just awhile ago I’ve been reading Bedroom Blog Veronica in site.  One of the entries that I’ve read is about knowing what your purpose and what you really want in life.  I know I’ve been writing several entries here about not knowing about what I really want in life, whether I will stay being a programmer or I will follow what I love to do.(which I can name a lot)

When I was still a little girl, my sister and I would always play a classroom game.  She will be the teacher and I will be the student.  At that time, I wanted to be a teacher.  I always imagine myself teaching little kids.  But when I already went to school and saw how little kids can go crazy, I then shifted what I wanted to be.  I then wanted to be a doctor or a nurse.  Hehehehe!  But everytime I get to see a wound with so much blood, I get a goosebumps.  hehehe!  So then again, I changed my mind.

As far as I can remember, there was never came a time that there was no animals that we take care in the house.  We had a rabbit, dog, chickens, hamster, guinea pigs, turtles, mouse, iguana, cat and a turkey.  So I guess you already knew what I wanted by that time.  Yes, a veterenarian.  Hehehehe!  But that dream was replaced by me wanting to be an architect or an interioir designer.

But with all those dreams that I’ve got, I end up being a programmer.  It wasn’t really on my plans to be one.  Well yes, I enjoyed the programming class back in high school.  But when we had our carreer week, IT,CS or CompE was never a choice for me.  I really don’t know what happened why when we were told to take an entrance exam for USC I chose CS.  Which lead me to take IT in USJ-R.  Hehehehe!

Up until now, I am still searching for what I really want to be when I get old.  Do I still see myself creating softwares, web applications ans such?  Or would I follow my heart’s desire to show my creativeness.  Charing.  Hehehehe!  But whether I’ll be able to find my purpose in life sooner or later, I hope that I am not wasting it.

How about you?  Where do you see yourself ten years from now?


Chicken All You Can in Max Restaurant, Balanga Bataan


Yesterday, while me and Raffy strolled the busy street of Balanga, Bataan while waiting for the 4PM mass, a thought came into me.  I want to try the chicken all you can in Max Restaurant.  Raffy agreed to my idea.  So after we attended mass, went to the hotel to get some nap and let our stomach rumble for food, we then went to Max Restaurant.

I thought I can eat as much chicken, but I was wrong.  After finishing the first chicken they have served to us, we asked the waitress to give us another piece.  But unfortunately, they served the second chicken after 10-15minutes I think.  We were already so full with the drinks that we ordered, and the hunger that we have felt earlier were already gone.  So when they finally served the second chicken, we were really full.  But we told the waitress that we want to have another chicken, but this time, we did not finish it. 😦  So sayang.  Oh well atleast we’ve tried it.

BTW, it was my first time to eat in Max.  Congrats to me.  Hehehe!



The rain has finally stopped at exactly 3:30 PM here in Bataan.  And until then, the rain did not ever fall.  So after we had our dinner, me and Raffy went to a kinda maal here in Bataan.  And again, impulsively, I bought two shoes.  A flats and a wedge.  Hahahahaha!  When we came out of the shoe store, all the other stores were already closed, so we went out to the mall and walked for 30minutes.  When we finally arrived at the hotel where we were staying, Raffy wanted to buy some pizza and a snack and sip(fries and coke) from greenwich.  The exercise that we did from walking was no use because we ate again.  Hehehehe!



We’ve traveled for 3hours(I think) from Paranaque to Bataan.  Our mission?  To deploy the project that we have made.

It has already been 4days and 3days that we have stayed here.  My experience here?  Very wet.  Hehehehe!  It is always raining.  When we wake up, it is raining.  Before we go to sleep, it is still raining.  We haven’t have the chance to look around the town.  Hopefully, before we will go home, the storm will go away and we will have the chance to make suroy-suroy Bataan… heheheheh…



It’s been weeks already since I last posted on my skype status message that I wanted to go to the beach.  Well, that eagerness to go to the beach and soak in the water under the heat of the sun is still alive.  (parang monster kay alive jed…hahahahaha!!!)  I ones made a cover-up that I was supposed to use when Me, Wend Jill went to Bantayan.  But I did not brought it because I was shy.  Hahahaha!  But now, I really want to go to the beach so that I’ll have a reason to use it.  Who wants to come with me?


This time around I want it to make it real.
I want to take the risk.
I don’t care if I’ll get hurt in the end.
I don’t care if I’ll look like a fool.

Is this really what I want?
I am still not sure.
All I know is right now, I don’t want it to end.

What Do I really Want?

I’m on a phase of my life right now wherein I am searching for what I really want.  If whether to choose the safe side or take the risk and accept new challenges that would come into my life.  I have already taken several steps but I am afraid and confused whether to continue walking or to get back.  I am afraid if I continue walking I will just discover that at the end of the road, it is just a cold and dark place.  But I really want to continue, but will the people would like what I am about to do?  Think… Think… Think…   

Romeo, Juliet and Paris

  • Can Juliet possibly like both Romeo and Paris?  If not, then why did Juliet chose Romeo instead of Paris?
  • How did Elizabeth Barrett Browning knew how much she love the guy to whom she dedicates the poem entitled “How Much Do I Love Thee”?  
  • Is liking somebody just an imaginary feeling that will just go away anytime?
  • Why is it that we usually like someone that people would likely think who is not right for us?
  • Is “Happy Ever After” just a myth?

I really want to know the answers of those questions.  But even if I can get the answers to those questions I know, I would still continue to wonder.

Adik2x Moments

While in Metro Ayala Supermarket buying some grocery items.

Gipunit ang Hotdog ug nangita ug price scanner.
Me: Dara coy ai ang price scanner dali ato ning i scan.
Akong gi scan ang usa ka pack sa hotdog pero ang akong gi scan kay ang best before seal nga part.
Me: Nag intermission rako coy.  Hahahaha!

While going home.

Me: Kibaw bitaw ko nga nagduwa mo basket kahapon niana man to si Raffy nga ni adto daw kuno ka.
        Pero wa man xa niapil sa duwa gi unsa man niya pag kibaw nga nagduwa ka?
Cocoy: Sa Email.
Me: Sa Email mo nagduwa basket?

After coming back from eating lunch.

Miagi ko sa atubangan ni Fritz.  Ni smile si Fritz nako pero wa ko kabantay.
Fritz: Ngee Charry dili managad.
Me: Sorry Fritz.  Wa ko kabantay.  Sige mobalik ko mobalik ko then tagdon tikaw.
Mibalik ko dapit sa door ug nibalik ug lakaw sa atubangan ni Fritz.
Me: Hi Fritz. (with a big smile)
Fritz: Hi Char.
Nyahahahahaha! Adika jud.

While going to BPI, Ayala to ask the initial amount in opening an ATM account.

Samtang naglakaw padung sa entrance.
Me: Weng, asa ta nga BPI? sa katong ubos or sa katong dapit sa BDO?
Weng: Sa ubos ta char.
Ning sulod sa entrance ug nisaka sa escalator.
Weng: Hala nganong nisaka man ta? Sa ubos man ta nga BPI.
Me: Hahahaha! Nag ask2x pako kung asa ta nga BPI.  Niya nisaka ra diay sa escalator.  Hahahaha!
Mga adik. Hahahaha!

In IT Park.
Me:(buying a Pineapple shake in Thirsty.)  Pineaplle shake nya kuya.
Paghuman ug kuha sa shake.  Gi inom then niadto sa BDO para mag withdraw.
Me:(Nahibung nganong naay panit sa apple ang shake. ) Coy, dba pineapple man to akong gi order?
Naa xay panit sa apple.  Apple diay iyang gihimo.  Hahahaha! Ganina pako gainom ani nya hapit na hurot               karon pako kabantay.  Nyahahahaha.

That’s all I can remember right now.  I’ll just update this when I can remember.  Hehehehe!


Yesterday, while Jill, Cocoy and Kring2x and i where having a snack in RD, Jaydee suddenly texted me if of my whereabouts and if what time I am going to be out in the office.  I told him that I’ll be out at around 6:30PM.  I jokingly asked why he was asking me and whether he was planning to fetch me.  He answered “Pwede bhe?”.  Again, I jokingly answered him with a yes and told him that I am really expecting for him to fetch me.  He replied back that he will be waiting on our meeting place in Ayala by 6:30.  I just jokingly replied him with “Ok, I’ll be there.  See you.”

As usual we spent an hour again at RD, chatting and eating.  I was always looking at my phone, taking note of the tome because Ralf was waiting for me downstairs for the audit.  it was already 5:45 when we left at RD and at the back of my mind was, if Ralf will take too long to audit my project I  won’t get to Ayala by 6:30.  (I was really hoping bhe2x would be there.  Hahaha!)  In the middle of our audit, my phone rang, and it was bhe2x.  When I answered it, he was asking me if where I am already, that he was already in Ayala waiting.  I still had doubts at that time.  Jill and Ralf where already teasing me because the excitement that I felt at that time was so obvious.  Hehehe!

At the strike of 6:30, Ralf and I were already done with the audit so I imeediately turned off my PC and rush to Ayala.  While waiting for the elevator, Weng arrived and I told him that Jaydee texted me and called me that he was in Ayala.  And I told her about my doubts of whether Jaydee was really waiting for me there or not.  Hehehe!  When we already arrived in Ayala, I was really so excited and so kilig.  Hahahaha! (So HIgh School… Hahahaha!)  When I ascended on the escalator, I searched for him immediately, and there he was, sitting at the end on one of the benches.  I was all smiles and I run to him like a little kid. Hahaha!  I did not care whether the other people sitting on the benches where staring at me.  All I care was bhe2x was there.  So kilig.  Hahahaha!

I was really so happy yesterday.  It was one of the most kilig actions that bhe2x did.  Hehehehe!