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During our Christmas celebration, one of the games that we played was charades.  But before the play began we asked each group to prepare a cheer.  Below are the cheers of the two groups.  Group 3 did not prepare any cheer. Sigh…


Weekend Plans


I have been very busy lately because of work.  I have so many things that I want to do for this weekend but right this very moment as I right this entry, I’m stuck in the office with Lawrence.  But I am waiting for my family to text me because we will be going to Crown Regency to have a videoke session.   Aside from videoke session with my family below are the things I am planning to do this weekend.  Hope I will accomplish them.

  1. Draw the draft for the t-shirt design for Kring2x
  2. Clean Kame and Kichi’s house
  3. Finish my picture collage for 2011
  4. Clean my room
  5. Create a container/cabinet for my clothes
  6. Read a book

Better Me


Four days from now, 2011 will then end and 2012 will begin. As this year ends, I want to list all the traits and areas in my life that I want to be improved. To be improved but not to the extent that the real Hannah will no longer be seen but just the better me. I know change is really hard but I hope I can really do this.

  1. Have more time to exercise
  2. Love myself more
  3. Have more time with my girlfriends
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Shop less
  6. Travel more
  7. Read more
  8. Update blog more often
  9. Speak up what is on my mind
  10. Save money more
  11. Don’t think too much negative thoughts, be happy always
  12. Have courage to say sorry those people who I think I’ve hurt
  13. Be more mindful of what I say and do
  14. Be firm for what I believe in
  15. I won’t let other people put me down
  16. Saying thank you as often as I could

Silver Jubilee


Today is the 27th day of December, and 3months from now, I’ll be turning 25. Should I be happy about it? Be sad? Or be scared?

Be Happy.
I know I should be happy because I would still have another year. Another year to spend with my family and friends. Another year to share and receive more blessings. Another year to continue helping other people. Another year to be a good friend. Another year to be a good daughter. Another year to love. Another year to travel. There are so many things that I should be happy about. It would take so much effort and time if I will list all of them here.

Be Sad. Be Scared.
Even though there are so many things that I should be happy about, I can’t help but be sad and be scared too. I’m sad because for four years that I have been working, I can’t really say that I have already reached my goal and dreams. I still have lots of things I want to achieve and lots of things I want to do. Another year means lesser time to do them. I’m scared of what the future awaits me. I know I should not worry to much because i should focus on what the present has installed on me. But I can’t help it. I have so many questions in my mind. Will I fulfill my dreams? Will I be able to reach my goals? Will I get married? Those are just a few general questions that if I’m going to dissect each of them, for sure, I’ll get tired of typing them and I will just get depressed.

Even if the future for me is not that great, I know that I should still be thankful. Thankful for all the people that continuously loves me. When I turn 25, I should also have to love myself better. I should learn to accept my short comings and my imperfections. I should be more loving, generous, patient and grateful when I turn 25. Ajaaah!!!

Last Friday Night


Weeks before, Kring2x and I were already planning that we will go out and have a videoke night.  We decided that we will have it on December 23, since, we also agreed that we will go christmas shopping together on that day.

After we have bought everything that we needed for Christmas, we headed to our respective houses to freshen up and to leave all the things that we bought.  We agreed that we will not eat dinner together, we will just meet after we finish our dinner and after I send off Cocoy.  Before going to the pier, I texted Kring2x if she already ate dinner and that Cocoy and I were still on our way to the pier.  I did not receive any reply from her so I thought it will no longer be pushed through.(I sent my message to a wrong number…hehehehe!)  I decided to just call her to ask her whereabouts and to ask if where we will meet.  We agreed that we will just meet up in Songhits, Mango Square.  I arrived there by 9:30PM.  The place was already packed with people who also wants to go singing.  Since, there were so many people, Kring2x instructed me to reserve a room while I wait for her.  She arrived at around 10PM.  When she arrived, we were still number seven on the waiting list.  So we chika2x while waiting for us to be catered.  After an hour of waiting, we were then finally accommodated.   The plan was to just stay there for an hour, but when an employee there told us that our time was already up, we decided to extend an hour.  But when the guy came back to ask us again, we were enjoying so much that we told him that we will extend for another hour again.  hahahaha!  After 3hours of singing, we decided to call it a night.  We went home sleepy, tired but happy.  We really enjoyed the night.  It was really worth it.  I hope it will not be the last time.

Unfulfilled Christmas Wish


For every Filipino, when ber months begin, Christmas shopping and putting up of Christmas decors would usually start.  On the first day of September, a friend of mine asked me if what I wanted for Christmas, I told him that I want to receive anything that is branded and not cheap.  Shoes, bags or clothes.  But unfortunately, I did not get my wish.

Awhile ago, Lawrence, Kim, Sensei Hino and I, went to Ayala to have our lunch there.  Afterwards, since, it was still raining outside, and we still don't want to go home, we decided to have a stroll in Ayala.  We then went inside the Oxygen, Levi's and Giordano shops because Sensei is looking for a pair of pants.  While Sensei was fitting for some pants, I also looked at some items.  There were a few clothes that I liked but when I looked at the prices, it was in the range of 500-1000 pesos.  It was very expensive, and to think that it was just a blouse and a short.  I came to realize that, I could not afford to buy expensive items.  Not because I don't have the money but because I don't find it practical to buy it.  If I have 1000 pesos, I could already buy many clothes or shoes with that.  I guess, buying expensive things is not my cup of tea.

Beautiful In My Eyes


You're my peace of mind in this crazy world.
You're everything I've tried to find, your love is a pearl.
You're my Mona Lisa, you're my rainbow skies,
and my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

The world will turn and the seasons will change,
and all the lessons we will learn will be beautiful and strange.
We'll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs.
And my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show
that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes.

When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles,
and when the time comes to embrace for one long last while,
we can laugh about how time really flies.
We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show
that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes.
The passing years will show that you will always grow
ever more beautiful in my eyes.

Cabanday Clan Christmas Party


This morning, I texted all my cousins which I have a number in my mother side as to what they want us to do on Christmas day.  My sister texted back that we should have an exchange gift.  Evee and Celine replied that they want us to play Pinoy Henyo.  After a few hours and many text message that we have sent out and received, we then decided that we will have the following activities.

  • Exchange Gift worth 100 pesos
  • Pinoy Henyo
  • Charades
  • Videoke

I assigned Evee to make the props for the Pinoy Henyo.  I will be the one to buy the prizes.  Of course i will ask a little monetary contribution from them, but I am planning that i will shoulder the prizes.  That will be my gift to all of them.  Hehehehe!

Evee mentioned to me that she is already excited for that day.  It will be another happy get together.  Weeeehhh!

I came up with the idea to text them first and organize the activity since nobody initiated it.  I also don't want that the people will get bored again, like last year.  After we ate our lunch, received our gifts from our Tito's and Tita's, we did not know what to do.  So we just went to SM without knowing what to do there.  It was really boring.  Hopefully, this year, it will be a blast.  But even if it will not be, the best part of it will be that we will get together on that day happily.

i need a power hug…


Everyday, a newsletter from Chicken Soup for the Soul will be sent on my yahoo email address.  One time, I received a newsletter from them, which narrates a story about a boy who likes to make people happy.  One day, they went to the hospital to help and to visit the patients.  As they were walking in the corridor, they passed by a room, inside the room was a woman sitting on her bed.  When the little boy saw the woman, he came inside the room and hug her.  The woman began to cry when the boy hug her.  Upon realizing it, the boy asked her teacher why was the woman crying, and if he did something wrong.  His teacher asked him if the reason as to why he hug the woman.  The boy told her teacher that, when she saw the woman, he felt that the woman needed a hug thus, the reason why he went inside the room and hug her.  Upon hearing the boy's reason, the teacher calmed the boy and told him that the woman felt Jesus' embrace through him.

How I wish I could also receive a hug today.