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Describe Yourself


"Describe Yourself", those are the words that people often tell us to do in an interview or on a first day of class or on a certain group activities. When we sign up on a social network sites or any sites, they would usually ask us to write down a few words to describe ourselves. I have been blogging and have been active to many social network sites for so many years now but I have never remembered that I have answered religiously that statement. So allow me to do that now. Hehehe!

When I was still in elementary, whenever we have this activity wherein we will taped a piece of paper on our back and we will go around the classroom and we will write down on that paper our first impression to that person. Majority of my classmates would write down, shy, silent, cold hands(why would anybody write this down?), "buotan" (char lang…hahaha!). Then at the time I entered high school, there are times that we have this open forums, recollection and retreats. The moderators or the one who suggested of the open forum(which would be one of our classroom officers) would ask us to tell a certain person of what you feel about her(not the lovey dovey feeling ok…if you have hidden hatred to the person or what…) or anything you want to tell to that person, as long as it will not come out bad or what. As far as I can remember, one of my classmate complained of my being so maldita, being hot tempered. Hehehehe! But of course, there are those who would say that they admire my being so "mahinhin". My "parang di makabasag pinggan" characteristic. (I’m still wondering, up until now, if it was me she was describing… Hehehe!) Then college came. Most of my classmates back when I was still on my first year of college would tell me that they are intimidated by me. They find me suplada and ma arte. (Wait. Where did that came from?)

I admit it, I’m suplada, maldita and ma arte. Hehehehe! But only to those people who deserve that kind of treatment. I am a very trusting person. I easily loosen up to people, especially if they make chika2x to me. Hehehe! I’m shy and silent at first but if I can say that I already like the person and I can relate to him/her, I’ll already be talkative. Hehehe! I’m the type of person who will stay loyal people as long as I can feel that they still need me and as long as they treat me nicely. I am a very independent girl. I prefer to work alone but I have a hard time in making decisions. Sometimes, I want that someone else will decide for me. I hate confrontations. I am afraid to speak up and I also have a hard time in saying no when people ask me for favors. But I am trying my very best now to really say what I want to say and say no when I can’t take it anymore. I easily loose my patience and I am very pikon. But lately, I’ve been trying to teach myself to control my temper and to not mind what the other people say.

I’m a spoiled girl. But I was not spoiled by my parents but by people around me and the world. What I mean is because I usually get what I want. If people won’t give it to me, I try my best to get it. Like for example, I want to have a new bike. If nobody will give me a bike, I will save so that I could buy it. Another is, if I want to go somewhere and will ask you to accompany me, you should say yes and should not ruin or change the plan or else, I would really get mad and disappointed. If the plan is we will go to Ayala to watch a movie, we should follow the plan because I’ve already set my mind that, that is what I’m going to do for that day.

I’ve my best guy friend to tell me what he thinks of me, and this is what he answered.
"pwede na ma best friend a friend that would do anything to help other friend hahahahaha char…… a friend nga if ma kasab-an and mo hilak mo biya ug friend hehehehehehe…. but really a nice friend to be with a friend dat i like to last forever till old hehehe…" I don’t know if I would be happy with what he said or not because of the but. Hehehehe! But I’m just glad that he considers me his friend and he wants to be friend with me till we get old. Nyahehehehe!


Crazy Things We Do for Love


When we are in love, we tend to do stupid, crazy and the most cheesiest things. When we are in love, even if people tell us that what we have done for the person we love is so crazy and cheesy, we don’t really care. As long as we see that the one we love is happy. I don’t know if my friends will agree with me or not that I’m as cheesy as a cheese balls and sometimes will go gaga over love. I hate to admit it, but I’m a hopeless romantic. Hehehe! But I only show that side of me if I know that the guy will not laugh at me or if I am already comfortable with the person. I can still remember there was on time, Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. I did not know what to give to my boyfriend at that time. When I saw a cute box and saw my colored papers, an idea came to me. i designed the box so it will be cute. Put a heart shaped hole at the center. I cut out my colored papers into little square pieces and wrote to each of the pieces why I love my boyfriend. Hahahahaha! So highschool. Hahahaha!

I have done so many crazy and cheesy things just for a guy, to show to him how I really feel. I won’t divulge all of it here so that I would still have courage to face my friends after they read this. Hehehe! How about you, what cheesy and crazy things have you done for love?

Why Do I Really Blog?


Why? Hmmm! Let me see. First of all, I blog because it is one of the few ways that could relieve me from stress. (stress sa work, stress sa lovelife ug daghan pang stress) I also blog so that I could enhance my skills in writing.(naa ba? nyahahaha!) But the ultimate reason as to why I blog is because I want to share all those thoughts and memories to the people. I really love to share stories and ideas to people but of course, not all the time that those people are ready to listen to you or willing to listen. That is why I’ll just write those things here on my blog so that those ideas and memories won’t be stuck on my mind and will never be lost.

Heart’s Desires


I long for the day that i could travel the places that i want.
I want to go to the beach and walk in the sands barefoot.

I long for the day that I could some sleep as much as I want to.
I long for the day that I will be able to live on my own, in my own house.

The Weekend That Was


If you could still remember before the long weekend started I wrote here on what I would do for the weekends. But sad to say, only three of those tasks was accomplished. I did not clean Kame and Kichi’s house, I did not finish the draft for the t-shirt and I did not finish reading a book(but at least I started it…hehehehe…) I was very lazy to do those stuffs during the weekends but I did finish the 2011 picture collage, the box for my clothes and I cleaned my room. I even manage to prepare a dinner for my whole family for the New Year’s Eve. (weeeeeehhhh! pakpaki sad ko wui… i deserve it naman sad. Hehehhehe!) But even if I finished the 3 things on my list and did a noble act for my family(feed their hungry tummies), I know it’s not enough. Since, the reason why I did not finish the other 3 tasks is because I got very lazy in doing those things. I just watched movies and slept. Hehehehe! I hope the next time I set a task to do, I would really finish everything.

Pancit Canton


Yesterday, when we had our break for work. Fritz, Gem and Maan were talking about the Junior masterchef contestants’ skills. I then commented that when I was still in my elementary days, specifically when I was still 8 years old, the only dish I know how to cook is tikoy, egg and pancit canton. Fritz then said that how come I already know how to cook pancit canton when there was no pancit canton at that time. I defended that there was already pancit canton at that time since I could still remember my father would cook pancit canton for us and he would put hard boiled egg on top of the pancit canton.

Since, no one can remember the exact year on when the pancit canton was invented I then told them that I’ll research it. Hahahaha! But at the time I went back to my station I completely forgot about it. hehehehe! I only remembered about it this morning. So I researched about it but unfortunately did not get any answer. So I asked the people I know about it. When I asked one of my colleague, JP about it, he answered that he remembered eating pancit canton when he was in grade 4 or 5 and he even gave me a link as to when pancit canton was invented.

And the answer? It’s 1991. Hehehehe! Milestone

A Year that was


I know this post is so late. Forgive me for I have been very busy and I run out of load in my smartbro kit. But it’s better late than never as they always say right? Hehehehe!

2011 for me was indeed a roller coaster ride. Well not just roller coaster but plane, boat and bus ride. Hahahaha! Kidding aside. Even though a part of my 2011 was like a torture, there were also good things that came along my way though.

I started my year together with my cousins. We went to mountain view to stroll. Bringing lots of junk foods for snacks. After that we went to larsian to eat our dinner. Afterwards, we roam around the city to search for a videoke place. Unfortunately, all the videoke place were close so we just went to our Tito’s house and partied there. Hehehehe!

A week after that, me together with my CCYM family went to Bohol. We toured around Bohol, went island hopping, snorkeling and went to EAT Danao to experience some adventure. I have been to Bohol so many times but going there with them is also another way of experiencing Bohol.

Before January ended, I got promoted. One of the task that the company has given me during this month is to recruit possible employees to different schools here in the Philippines. I was chosen to be the one to go to Davao and go to UP Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao to recruit there. It was my first time to go to Davao. So I was really excited when I found out that they will send me there. Hehehehe! Aside from going to those two schools mentioned above, we also met with my cousins who are living there. We went to People’s park then ate ice cream at Ice Giant. We also had a sumptuous dinner in my Tito’s house.


It was Jaydee’s plan to go to Simala before he will go to Bohol to work there. So one weekend in March, we decided to go there. We started to travel after lunch and we arrive there by 3 I think. Hehehe! I forgot. The ride going to Simala and going home was very tiring. I can’t remember if it was also that tiring and hustle traveling there the last time I went to Simala. Maybe, it was because when we traveled the sun was scorching hot so it was very hot inside the bus. I hope the next time I go there, it won’t be that torture.

March is my month. I celebrated my birthday together with my family, cousins, love one and two of my closest and best friends in Papa Kit’s. It was really the most memorable birthday I have ever experienced.

The QA team in our office were planning to go to Bantayan at that time. May Jill was invited by the QA team so she invited us. The plan was we will go to Bantayan with the QA team but at the time we will arrive there, we will then go to Sugar beach and stay there. But it did not happen. We set-up our tent in sugar beach but we did not sleep there. We slept at the resort where the QA team stayed. It was really a very memorable and fun trip. Even though we exceeded in our planned budget. Hehehe!

May – August:
There was nothing much exciting happened to me for these months. For starter, I traveled to Manila, Bataan and Laguna for the first time. This is pretty exciting I know. But for me the purpose as to why I went to Manila and Bataan isn’t. I went to Bataan and Manila because our client requested us to go there. After staying in Manila and Bataan for two months(although not straight) I gained extra fats and I got so many pimples. :(( That is why I’m struggling right now to lose those extra pounds that I’ve gained. Sigh!

It wasn’t all that bad actually. I explored Balamban or more on the trans-central highway together with Cocoy last July. I toured Manila and went to Enchanted Kingdom and Ocean Park with Kring2x, May Jill and July. And traveling with them was indeed so much fun.

I explored again Dumaguete City and this time it was together with Cocoy. That was my second time to go there but it was my first time to really explore the town. We also went to Dauin to accompany Weng and also to Bais.

I also went to Sumilon Island with Jaydee to celebrate his birthday there.(I missed my cousin’s birthday because I went with him there.) The island was breath taking. Literally breath taking, since we explored the whole island. We walked around the island.

Cocoy invited me to go to Canlaon since there was a very long weekend by the end of October. We went to his Tita’s house. I experienced selling some hardware stuffs in his Tita’s store. It was hard for me since I did not know almost all of the stuffs being sold there. The only thing I could determine were the paints and the nails. Hahahaha! It was there that I experienced to eat a frog. Nyahehehehe!

My classmate back in high school Lea’s daughter celebrated her first birthday. So Lea invited me and some of my classmates that are close to her to the party. After the party we then went to MO2 to continue the party and chitchat there.

On that month also, I attended for the first the Visayas Blogging Summit that was held in SM. Kring2x, Judith and I religiously listened to the speakers even if we were very sleepy. Hehehe!

During this month, nothing much happened. I just attended some parties, videoke with Kring2x and also with my family. Celebrated Christmas with my family and relatives.

Below are the other happenings that I have forgot to mention