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Weird Dream


I had a dream last night and in my dream you were there.  It was such a weird dream.  You called me on my cellphone.  When I answered it, you then ask me that you just saw a friend of mine in where you are right now.  I just answered that I was supposed to be with them but I have another plans so I cancelled.  Then I realized, you don’t know them.  How on earth did you recognize them and know their names.  Hmmm…


By Chance


Been playing this song over and over… So love it…

Lyrics of By Chance (You and I) – JRA

Girl, you just caught my eye
thought I should give it a try
and get your name and your number
go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers

I don’t know why.
But you’re smilin’ and it’s something’ I like
on your face, yeah it suits you
Girl, we connect like we have bluetooth

I don’t know why
I’m drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?
And this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add then subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
honey and bears
You and I
could be like Aladdin and Jasmine
lets make it happen

La La’s

How’ve you been?
I know that it’s been awhile.
Are you tired ’cause you’ve been on my mind
runnin’ thousand and thousands of miles
Sorry, I know that line’s outta style
but you
you look so beautiful on that starry night
loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes and your smile
I’m captivated
your beauty is timeless never outdated

I don’t know why
I’m drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we’d equal two?
and this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add then subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears
you and i could be like Aladdin and Jasmine lets make it happen

la la la

It’s been 5 years since that special day
when I asked you on our first date
I guess it’s safe to say

You and I
are better than Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears
You and I
Are better than Aladdin and Jasmine
We’ve made it happen


Let me say
You look so beautiful on our wedding day


j’apprend le francais


i can still remember, in our nihonggo class, our sensei, asked me if what other language would i want to learn.  i told him, i want to study french.  i’ve been studying french on and off.  i always forget the things that i have learned since i don’t have anyone to talk to in french.

last saturday, after watching the movies shown during the french film fest with my friends and sister, the eagerness to learn their language came back.  a friend of mine told me about this website where i can learn french in a fun way.  i have been accessing the said website since saturday.  i have also installed an application in my itouch that will help me study the said language.  so far below are the new words that i have learned.

  • white – blanc
  • black – noir
  • red – rouge
  • thirst – la soif
  • hunger – la faim
  • to eat – manger
  • to have – avoir
  • to be – etre
  • to meet – rencontrer
  • to dismiss – limoger
  • water – l’eau
  • mouthful of liquid – la gorgee
  • mouthful of solid – bouchee
  • please – s’il vous plait
  • restaurant – le restaurant
  • thank you – merci
  • you’re welcome – de rien
  • to drink – boire
  • reserve – reserver
  • wine – le vin
  • meal – le repas
  • taste – le gout
  • meat – la viande
  • cheese – le fromage
  • fruit – le fruit
  • vegetable – le legume
  • vegetarian – vegetarien
  • delicious – delicieux
  • disgusting – degoutant
  • weird – bizarre
  • to think – penser
  • this – ceci
  • there is – voila
  • here is – voici
  • number – nombre
  • one – un
  • two – deux
  • three – trois
  • four – quatre
  • five – cinq
  • six – six
  • seven – sept
  • eight – huit
  • nine – neuf
  • ten – dix
  • eleven – onze
  • twelve – douze
  • thirteen – treize
  • fourteen – quatorze
  • fifteen – quinze
  • green – vert
  • blue – bleu
  • brown – marron
  • yellow – jaune
  • orange – orange
  • grey – gris
  • pink – rose
  • monday – lundi
  • tuesday – marti
  • wednesday – mercredi
  • thursday – jeudi
  • friday – vendredi
  • saturday – samedi
  • sunday – dimanche
  • day – jour
  • today – aujourd’hui
  • tomorrow – demain

my goal is to write one french blog entry someday.  hmmm. good luck to me.

Excess Baggage


do i really have to hate people just to have the justice that they are saying?  what if i am fed up of hating people?  what if i just want to forgive?  stupid, in denial, what else?  call me what you want to call me.  i don’t care anymore.  i’m letting go of the pains and hatreds and i’m moving on.

Inadik Moments



While waiting sa jeepney stop, naa koy kasabay nga girl naghuwat jeep.

Girl:  17D imong gihuwat te? (Ning smile nako)

Me: Uu.

Girl: Nah!  Dugay kaayo te, puro puno.

Me:  Ganina raka gahuwat diri?

Girl:  Uu.

Naabot na ang 17D.

Girl: Dara na te ai.

Niduol ko sa jeep para mosakay.

Girl:  Bye te.

Me:  Bye. (Gahuna-huna.  “Dili diay to siya mosakay.  Kinsa man sad to siya?  Nganong ate man iya tawag nako?  Kaila diay mi?”)



Niadto sa Chuwabonggaw para mag dinner.  Pag-abot atubangan sa cashier, nag text-text then sabay sa menu sa babaw.  Gipangita ang Sisig Rice kung tagpila pero Sizzling Sisig ra ang nakit-an.

Me:  Kuya, Sizzling Rice niya.

Cashier:  Sisig Rice maam?

Me: Aw, uu diay sisig rice.  Hahaha!  Sorry nagud kuya.  (sheng! uwawa! wala na naman sa sarili. )


conquering the heights


for a girl who is afraid of heights, climbing omena peak is a big deal.  i’ve been warned way before the day that we were going there but i did not listen to those people.  i’ve been told that it will be a very tiring journey but i did not care.  all i really wanted was to go to osmena peak.  i did not really regret coming there, it was so much fun and the view was breath-taking.  even if we experienced a very bad weather, it was okay, the experience that i had is an unforgettable one.  i really had a great fun.   i would definitely go back there if i would be invited again.

Mount talinis, here i come…weeehhh…

Now I Know


a friend of mine once asked me, why do you even like him? what did you really see in him? at that time, i also asked myself, why? is it because of the way he cares for me? but i don’t think so. yes, i really wanted that he will be the one to take care of me, but that is not the reason why i like him. this morning, while remembering those time that i look upon his eyes, i came to realize why. i like him because even though i don’t trust him with my heart, i trust him with my life. he was like my security blanket. when he is around, i know that i am safe, i feel at ease. knowing that he is a few meters from me, makes me relax. Just the sound of her voice, footsteps and even the sound of his knuckles clicking, makes me smile and feel safe. He was my confidant.

I like him for the reason that because of him i learned to stand on my own. he will be there for you, give you some advice, but he won’t really tell you on what you ought to do. Because of him i’m no longer the girl who has lots of insecurities. i learned to love myself more. i am no longer the girl who can’t be happy on her own. because of him, i was change for the better.

you may no longer mine and i may no longer yours, but i know the friendship will still be there. i may not believe in all that you have said to me, but i respect it. i have already forgiven you.

Planning Baguio Trip


Phew!  Planning a trip is not that easy, well, if there will only be a few people to participate on the trip, it would be easy.  But when you say, more than 10, that’s a different story.  Me who usually loves to travel in a small group or all by myself will try to produce a Baguio Trip Itinerary that will be composed of 11 people.  So far, I have already plotted some places to go and the schedule, but I still have to research for the direction and for the cost.  I also have to research of possible transient houses in where we will stay.  So many things to do to make this trip a memorable one.  I hope the gengs will cooperate during the trip and they will enjoy.  Wish me luck then in planning.