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Please Do So


Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.
– Leo Buscaglia

I have already moved on with flying colors.  I have already thrown away all the hurt that I’ve felt and never welcomed loneliness and sadness when they knock on my door.  I am already happy, I am no longer angry.  But why is it that there are still people who can’t still move on?  Why are they still digging and still looking back on the sad things from the past?


Before and After


Ganito kami nuon

from left to right: jojie,ate an2x,me,ate joanne

Ganito kami ngayon

mga cute ug gwapa japun…hehehehe…

Just a Slice


tuesday noon, i told a friend that i am craving for a blueberry cheesecake.  so after eating lunch, i began exploring the stores here in IT park to look for my ever favorite blueberry cheesecake.  but unfortunately, there was no fave cake to be found.  boooo!  so, i decided to go to krispy kremes and try my luck if they have new york cheesecake doughnut.  and lucky as i am, they have some stocks, they were also serving strawberry field doughnut at that time so i bought 1 piece of each doughnut.  new york cheesecake plus strawberry field doughnut, it has cheesecake and berry words, so i was quite satisfied with that.  but i really wanted my blueberry cheesecake, so yesterday, during lunch time, i went out again to look some.  but i got a bit lazy so i just went to KFC to buy some lunch there and i also bought a mango cheesecake spoonful for dessert.  then last night, i treated my sister and my cousin for some milk teas.  i ordered blueberry milk tea. mango cheesecake plus blueberry milk tea, it still has a cheesecake and a blueberry words on it.  but i really want my blueberry cheesecake.  will somebody give me some?  one slice of it will do.

Mt. Talinis


When we woke up early morning, we were so hopeful that it won’t rain, but then the sky let us down.  It rained so hard.

But rain or shine, we climb the mountain.  Nothing can stop us.  We prepared for that day and was very excited.

I was really put to test with that adventure, I slipped 10 times, I got so many bruises and scratches, all the muscles in my body was screaming “we’re tired…we’re tired…let’s stop this crazy adventure of yours…” and my feet hurts from walking.

But with all the bruises, scratches and muscle pains that we’ve got, we were rewarded by the beautiful creations of our Lord.  Nature did not let us down.

Our journey ended with a beautiful weather.

A yummy lunch.  Our reward to ourselves after we came down the mountain.

Congratulations to us guys.  We survive that adventure with laughter, smiles, whine, sweats and blood… lol…

Thank you guys for that wonderful memories…


Run While You Can


Oh Anastasia Steele, why didn’t you run the moment Christian Grey showed you his wild side?  You’re delusional do you know that?  Even though you know he is not capable of loving someone and keeping a relationship you still accepted his offer.  You knew from the very beginning you will get hurt.  You should have stayed away from him.  You might regret it and miss him, but at least you won’t get hurt.  Oh Ana…



I’ve climbed a mountain and have reached to the top no matter how hard the path is and how tired my legs and arms were.

I did not give up even if I was having a hard time catching up with my breath.

Like climbing a mountain, I will never give up in waiting for you.

Even if how hard it will be, ‘coz I might already be just one step from you.

Practice Makes Perfect


When I went to Manila last March, on my last day there, I did not know what to do while waiting for my flight schedule.  So when my client’s driver dropped me off in MOA, I decided to go straight to National Bookstore.  My first plan was to buy a book then go to Starbucks and read it there but I changed my mind.  After looking at several books, I then went to the section where the sketch pads, pencils and erasers where.  I bought a new sketch pad and decided that I will spend my last few hours there sketching.  I only used the first page of the sketch pad.  hehehe!

Last Sunday, I was tired from just watching the episodes of the TV series The Big Bang Theory.  I kept on thinking what other activity I should do to keep the boredom away.  Then I remembered that I have a sketchpad to fill.  So I took it and after so many months, I again began to draw.

Sorry about my drawing, I still need to practice with my shading.