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ending a chapter


for days i have been crying my eyes out, but this morning, i woke up happier and contented.  i have realized so many things.  i may not have gotten the answer or heard the words that i wanted to hear but i think it’s for the best.  i’m not totally happy of what happened but i’m glad that it did.(libog much?) well, i’m glad that it happened because i can finally say that i can close that chapter of my life.  goodbye my friend.  till we meet again.


Surrendering Everything to HIM


i’m tired.  i want to give up but i know i should not.  i believe that God has a reason and plan why i have to go through this.  that’s why i should not give up because if i will i won’t be able to see that day wherein all His great plans for me will finally unfold.  so for now, all i have to do is fight and believe in Him.

Lord God, i surrender everything to you.

live for the moment



the Lord is telling you to stay put.  to live your life according to his plan.  don’t rush things and don’t worry too much.  live for the moment, forget the past and embrace the future.

one way



the day i’ll be able to find the strength to tell you how i really feel is the day i’ll start to really move on.
that would be the day that i will finally have the courage to let go of those memories that we’ve shared together.
i’ve long accepted that you are really out of my life but i am still trapped in the past, trapped in your memories.
i’ve long accepted that the road i’m in is just one way, that i should never go back, i don’t want to go back.
i long for the day that i can already stop pretending that i’m really okay and how it feels to know to be over you for real.

20-20 vision



kanina sa jeep pagpadulong nako sa office, nag tan-aw2x ko sa ubang jeep nga nangagi.  paghunong sa jeep nga akong gi sakyan, naay nitapad nga 13c nga jeep ug naay picture sa 101 dalmatian.  ang mga itoy kay nag eyeglass ug ang uban kay nag shades.  nakahuna2x ko ug kalit, naa pud ba kahay iro nga dautan ang mata?  kung naa, unsaon pag ila or pag check?  hmmm!



october is definitely a challenge month for me.  aside from the “No FB challenge”, i am toss in a rather difficult situation.  last friday, when i tried to withdraw some money in my account using my atm card, i was so surprised when a message appeared that the transaction was unauthorized that i have to contact my bank.  i tried again but this time i just checked my balance, and same thing happen, that same message appeared on the screen again.  huhuhu!  i did not report it immediately hoping that when i try to transact during the evening, there will be no problem.  when i went back to the atm machine to withdraw, the same message appeared again so i decided to report the incident to the bank.  unfortunately, they have to get my atm and replace it.  the sad part is, i have to wait for 7days before the replacement will arrive.  huhuhu!  the teller told me that if i really want to withdraw some money, i just have to do it over-the-counter and say that i am still waiting for the new atm to arrive.  i don’t want to line up to withdraw some money, so i have no choice but to budget my 500 pesos for 8days.  huhuhuhu!  starting yesterday, i have been bringing my lunch and eat my lunch on my table.  aside from that, i have to stay at home for the next weekend to come to save money.  “No FB Challenge”, “500 peso challenge”, “No laag challenge”.  waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!  kaya ko to!

Bye2x Zackka Girl



sweet, shy and naughty at times.  that’s our mixed askal and mini pinscher dog named, zackka.  why zaccka?  because our other dog is named codie from the tv series the suite life of zack and codie.  since she is a girl so zackka.  she loves to play especially with codie.  like other puppy she loves to chew anything.  she shredded a 100 peso bill, a bible, papers and destroyed some slippers.  but despite that, we love her as much as we love codie.  even though she was with us for a short time she was already part of our family.  and now that she’s gone, we will surely miss her.  sometimes when i get home i sometimes have that urge to call her name so that she will come and welcome me.  she died last tuesday while all of us where fast asleep.  poor puppy.  goodbye zackka!

Tips When Traveling Palawan


let’s face it, traveling to a new place can be fun but hassle.  you don’t know where to go, you don’t know whether you got a good deal or you’ve been fooled by the locals.  so here are some few tips for you if you decide to travel to palawan.

  • book your hotels and travel package 6weeks before your travel date.

in going inside the underground river, permits have to be processed.

  • if you want to have a city tour, just hail a tricycle and ask the driver if he can give you a city tour.

just be ready of the list of the places you want to go.  we payed our driver Php500.
the tricycles in palawan can hold four people.

  • if you want to taste delicious food, try kalui restaurant.

just make sure to have a reservation before going there because they won’t entertain you if you don’t have since they are always full.
the girls that we met there mentioned another restaurant, kinabuch, but we did not try it.

  • try to taste the isaw that is being sold on the street, it’s delicious.

seafoods are very cheap in palawan, so if you are a seafood lover, go enjoy.

  • you will meet many people with different personalities in palawan, so get ready.(that is if there are only few people in your group.)
  • if you want to try to eat the tamilok, buy some in the restaurants near the sabang port, it’s much cheaper.
  • there are many souvenir shops that can be found in the city, you can haggle the price in some stores.  i forgot the name of the souvenir shop that we first went to, but the items inside the big store are much cheaper than the ones being sold outside especially the tshirts.
  • if you are going to honda bay and you don’t have some equipments for snorkling, you can rent one at the honda bay port for Php100.

in our case, it cost us Php150 pesos for the snorkling equipments because we rented the ones at the store which is located 15minutes away from the honda bay port.

  • the corals and fishes in pambato reef are best seen during summer or dry season since the water is clear.
  • there will be many people who would want to see the underground river and wants to go island hopping in honda bay, so you should wake up early so that you will get there early too.

useful contact information:

Located at: 108 Abad Santos St. cor. Lacao St. Maunlad, PPC
Phone Numbers: (048) 434-2252/723-3407
Mobile numbers: 0929-795-5085/0906-297-7274/0927-806-6844
Email Address:

  • kalui restaurant

Location: 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Saturdays (Lunch 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Dinner 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.). Closed Sundays.
Reservations Requested:
Landline: (048) 433 2580;
Mobile No:+63 928 753 9621; Or ask your hotel front desk to call them.

i hope you’ll have a great time in palawan like that girl up there.  lol.  hehehehe!

My Palawan Adventure Part 3: Underground River and Ugong Rock Adventure


saturday night because we were very tired, after eating dinner we then went to our room and sleep.  we forgot to ask the reception on what time we should wake up the next day for the underground river tour.  we did not set our alarm.  the next day, i woke up around 5:30am but i did not get out of bed to prepare.  by 6am, somebody was knocking outside our door.  when i opened it, it was the guy from the reception.  he informed that it’s time for us to eat our breakfast.  i told him that we will go down in a minute but i went back to bed.  hehehe!  after a few minutes later, somebody was knocking at our door again and this time, it was the girl from the reception.  she informed me that ate maricel was already downstairs to fetch us for the underground river tour.  OMG!  i hurriedly prepared my things and took a bath.  while at the bathroom, i heard somebody knocking at the door again.  retchel opened the door, and it was ate maricel.  she told retchel that we have to go down after five minutes.  when i went out of the bathroom retchel relayed to me the message so she and lesley decided that they will not take a bath since we have also taken a bath during the night.  after five minutes, there was a knock again on our door.  it was the same guy from the reception telling us that we really have to go down because if we will take long we might not be able to get inside the cave because there will be many people who would also want to go inside the cave.  i went down first so that ate maricel will not get mad.  sorry again ate.  when all of was were finally inside the van, we immediately apologized to ate maricel and explained to her why it took us so long to go down.  good thing she wasn’t mad.  there were already two people inside the van, they were a couple.  ate maricel told us that we still have to fetch four people on the way.  on our way to fetch the other four people ate maricel talked to retchel and me.  she was asking us a favor.  the israelite father and daughter will again be with us.  but since they don’t have a permit, tifanny’s and andrea’s unused permit will be the one they will be using.  ate maricel want that we will act us tiffany and andrea.  even if i don’t like mr. israelite, i agreed.  when we arrived at sabang port, there were already a lot of people.  after an hour, ate maricel called us to presented us to a girl who was incharge in processing the final permit in going inside the cave.  she asked us our names and why we didn’t have an id.  we gave tiffany and andrea’s complete names and told her that the reason we did not bring any id because we were such in a hurry and we weren’t reminded to bring one.  hehehe!  thankfully, our permits were processed and all we have to do is to wait for our turn to ride a motorized boat that would take us to where the underground river is.  while we were waiting, ate maricel announced to us that there will be another two people who will be joining with us.  ate maricel explained that she agreed for them to join with us because she took pity on them.  “kawawa naman kasi sila, uuwi na sila bukas tapos hindi sila makakapunta ruon.”  so all of us agreed for them to join us.  after an hour, it was already our turn to ride a motorized boat.  when we arrived there we immediately registered then went to the place where we will wait for our turn to ride a rowboat.  while waiting we decided to roam around the place and have our pictures taken.  you won’t get bored waiting since you can find monkeys and monitor lizard and the view is very spectacular.

when there were already 10 groups before us, we decided to wait near the river bank with our group.  the guy who joined our group asked retchel a question.  when retchel mentioned to her that our schedule to go to the underground river was supposed to be on the saturday, he then accused that it was our fault why there were a lot of people.  retchel got mad so she told him that the reason why there were so many people because since thursday, the underground tour was cancelled because of the bad weather.  the guy then kept his silence.  hmmmph!  kaw nanga naki join sa amin.  when there were just six groups before us, ate maricel instructed us that if it will be group #48’s turn to ride the boat and there will be enough helmet and lifejacket on the bin, we should get one and be ready.  then mr. israelite joined us and asked ate maricel if what number was being served.  when ate maricel answered him that it was already group #44, he then said “no, you are wrong.  i asked the guys there and they said that it’s already number 47 who are being served.  you ask them.”  i was really mad in how he talked to ate maricel so i turn around, my back at him and blurted out my anger in bisaya.  “paghilom diha ha.  dili ta baya ka maka ari diri.”  of course i did not let him hear what i said in respect to him.  he is still a guest in our country.  but to think, since they are the guest here, they should be the one to act correctly.  right?

after an hour or two of waiting, we were finally called.  it was our time to ride on the rowboat and go inside the cave.  weeeeeh!  we were really so excited.  i was seated at the front since i was the only one who has no partner. 😦  but it’s okay, kuya tour guide was really nice and funny.  i asked him a few questions about the cave, about how many boats they have.  he answered all of my questions.  when we were at the part of the cave wherein you can see stalactites and stalagmites shape like some religious characters, kuya pointed a stalagmite that looks like Mama Mary kneeling and praying.  mr. israelite and her daughter were seated behind us so when kuya mentioned that i heard him say, “no I don’t agree with you, and if Mary would hear you, she won’t agree with what you said too.”  good thing, kuya was so nice and just smiled at him and ignored what he said.  when kuya pointed some stalagmites that was shaped like a pegasus, he again said something.  “are you drunk or something?  are you under the influence of an alcohol?”  WHAT?  pwede ni siya itagak kuya?  yes, the stalagmite probably wasn’t really look like pegasus, but it depends if you have a creative imagination and to say that to somebody?  tsk3x!  i tried to ignore him and focus myself in looking at the wonders of the cave.  it was really so beautiful.  seeing it would really amaze you.

after the tour was finished, we were very hungry.  we have to wait for a few minutes for the motorized boat to arrive to send us back to sabang port.  when we were already at sabang port, we have to walk for 5minutes to Taraw Restaurant where we will be having our lunch.  the lunch was a buffet so we ate as much as we could.  there were vendors selling tamilok, a slug or worm living on the mangrove trees.  retchel bought some and told me to try some.  i tried eating one tamiok.  it was dip on a vinegar with sili so it was spicy and sour.  i didn’t like it but retchel on the other hand, enjoyed eating it a lot.  while we were eating, mr. israelite asked us as to why our country was named “philippines”.  one of our group answered that because magellan was the one who discovered philippines, in honor to the king of spain, our country was named as such.  after that he asked us again if we know how many people there are in the philippines.  “wala pajud ta nahuman ani?  nana sad ta ani.”  retchel answered that, we don’t really know how many exactly and we don’t care since it is not benificial to us.  good thing, he did not make a rude comment.  he just explained why it was important to him to know those kinds of information.

after we finished our lunch, we then went to ugong rock adventure.  ugong rock was named as such because if you are going to tap some rocks, it will produce a sound.  the ugong rock adventure was established by the government in partnership with abs-cbn for the illegal loggers as another means of livelihood.  so if ever you will go to palawan, please don’t forget to include ugong rock adventure in one of your itineraries.  okay?  when you get to the summit, you have two choices in going down, to ride the zipline or to go back to where you went in.  for me, climbing ugong rock, wasn’t really that hard, but because retchel and lesley and two of our companions were already tired, i decided to agree with them to just ride the zipline in going down.  hmmph!  oh well, anything for the people there.  🙂  the zipline ride was fun though.  climbing the ugong rock was so much fun too.  our tour for that day was really a success.  thank God for giving us a really nice weather for that day.  that day won’t be possible without his help.

while waiting for ate maricel, i spotted this tree and decided to sit here.  since it would be nice to strike a pose here, i told retchel to take my picture.  hehehe!

we saw manong ice cream vendor and bought some

a little puppy was walking on a steep path

while waiting, retchel and i decided to go to the seashore to explore and have our pictures taken, leaving lesley sleeping somewhere

we gathered some stones and a small shell, we planned to write the word palawan on it using a white ink

we spotted this group of kids playing with there toy boat

the view on the way to the underground river riding the motorized boat

posing posing while waiting for our turn so that we won’t get bored

one of the many monkeys that roam around the island

a monitor lizard that lives on the island

the mouth of the cave


inside of the cave

mouth of the cave taken inside

getting ready to get inside ugong rock

inside ugong rock

the rock at my back will create a sound if you tap it

the view at the top of ugong rock

getting ready for the zipline


on our way to ugong rock, we stopped first here. the mountain is shaped like an elephant from afar.

My Palawan Adventure Part 2: Honda Bay


friday night, we were informed that we should wake up at 5:30 am and eat our breakfast at 6am because the van will fetch us at around 6:30 to 7:00am.  by 5am, i was already awake but decided to just get ready at around 5:30.  i thought we were going to underground river on that day so i prepared the things that i would bring for the underground river tour and wore the clothes that i planned to wear for the underground river tour also.  when we were already inside the van, the ladies who were occupying the room next to our room were already inside the van.  it seems that ate maricel our guide were waiting for us.  hehehe!  sorry ate.  before going to honda bay port, we went first to a hotel to fetch the other two people who will be joining with us.  they were a father and daughter from israel.  while we were waiting for the two to go out of there hotel, we asked the driver where we were going since earlier he and ate maricel were talking that the underground river tour was cancelled for that day.  manong driver then answered us, “bakit po kayo sumakay didto maam kung hindi niyo pala alam kung saan tayo pupunta?  sa honda bay po punta natin maam.”  our initial reaction was, angry then surprised.  angry by how manong driver answered our question and surprise because we thought that we are going to the underground river and our outfits are not suitable for the honda bay tour, well except for retchel.  we stay calmed and compose.  good thing we brought extra clothes and sunblock with us.  there were already a lot of people when we arrived at the honda bay port, we waited for just half an hour before we embark on a motorized boat.  since the water in pambato reef and luli island was not yet clear during that time, ate maricel decided that we go to pandan island first.  it is just a 30minutes travel from the port to the island.  since it was still early for lunch, ate maricel told us that we roam, swim have our pictures taken while waiting for lunch time.  there were a lot of vendors who sells crabs, shrimps, lobsters, fishes, snails and other seafoods in the island and they sell it cheap.  one lobster will cost Php250 and 1kilo of crabs cost for only Php250 too.  they will be the one to cook it.  we ordered 1 lobster and 1kilo of crabs but lesley ordered another kilo because he thought that our companions would want to eat too.  but he was wrong.  retchel and i devoured the lobster and just ate a few crabs.  lesley was the one who finished the 12crabs and we gave 3crabs to the boatman.  while we were eating our lunch, the father israelite asked us if we know how many people are there in the philippines.  what?  why would we bother to know if how many people are there in the philippines.  because we did not give him the correct answer, he then said, “you are a bunch of suckers”  OMG!  are we close for you to say that?  remember, we just met today.  we just shrugged that off and continued eating.  after eating, we asked ate maricel if how much time we will be spending in pabato reef and luli island.  when she told us that we will be spending 30minutes on each island, we decided to stop taking some pictures and just go swimming.  while we were swimming, we met an american who is from the state of florida named susan.  she was really so nice and she talks a lot.  hehehe!  we, or retchel introduced some sea creatures to susan, tifanny and andrea(the two girls who are with us).  they were so amazed because retchel knows so many things about the creatures that lives at the sea.  tifanny and andrea were also in awe when retchel ate a sea urchin and told them that she have eaten sea cucumber.

by 1pm ate maricel announced that we will be going to pambato reef already.  the travel time was again 30minutes.  when we got there, the guide there announced that the water is not clear so we won’t be able to see fishes and corals clearly.  and true to what he said, we just saw darkness.  so we decided to just swim for a few minutes and then have our pictures taken.  after the israelites finished swimming, we then proceed to luli island.  luli island means lulubog, lilitaw.  because during high tide the island will vanish and will appear when it is low tide.  since, we are only given 30minutes to explore the island we decided to just take some pictures and take a walk in the sand.

we were really tired on our way back to the port and then back to our hotel.  after taking a bath and change our clothes the plan in going to the mall was forgotten.  hehehe!  we slept until 7pm and went downstairs to eat our dinner.  even if we did not sea the colorful corals and fishes in pambato reef and met a not so nice israelite and diver, we still had so much fun.  the day was a success.

my supposedly outfit for the underground river tour

honda bay port, while waiting for out boat

at the pandan island

seafoods that one of the vendors in pandan island were selling

vandalized some words on the sand (channbear @ palawan)

a dog sleeping there, even if you try waking him up, he won’t wake up

1kilo of crab and one lobster that we bought, the other kilo of crab was not yet delivered

one of the many starfish you can spot

pambato reef

you have to walk towards that boat with a big turtle on top before you can go swimming

luli island’s vast shoreline

another island near luli island

making footprints on the sand

one of the many mangroves that can be found in the island