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so many places i want to explore, so little time and resources…haiist…and because of the recent incident that happened to me i’m afraid my plan of travelling alone will no longer happen… 😦


Thank You Friend


i thank the Lord that i have found a friend like you…
despite the distance, the bond is still there…
i know if you are near with me, without hesitation,
you will come to my rescue if i will be in trouble…
i hope and wish that one day you and i will meet…
i hope and wish that our paths will cross…
for now, i am glad that i have a friend like you,
despite the distance…

you had me at a disadvantage


what would you do if somebody will approach you and he/she knows your name but you don’t know his/her name?  his/her face is familiar but you can’t seem to remember her/his name.  deep down, you know that you know that person.  would you ask him/her name?  or would you find a way that you will not be able to say his/her name on your conversation to avoid the embarrassment?  i have been caught on a situation like this countless of times.  most of the time i would just address the person as kuya,ate,day or dong.  but i have also experienced wherein i really asked the person for his name and there was one time because my expression was really blank showing that i can’t remember him, the person told me his name and i was really so embarrassed.  hehehe!  how about you?  if you were caught on that same situation, what would you do?  would you ask for his/her name or just pretend that you remembered his/her name?

first day high


last night was my first day for my driving lesson.  the word that could describe my experience last night is “heart pumping”.  when the instructor told me that it was my turn to drive the car, at the back of my mind was “is he for real?”.  it was my first time to drive a car and he will let me maneuver it.  OMG!  the instructor gave me some tips but i only remembered a few of those.  lols!  the car kept on stalling because i always release the clutch too fast and when he tells me to hit the break, i sometimes hit it too hard.  i should have listened intently to the tips that he gave me.  hehehe!  i drove the car around the it park then down to sm, then to the underground tunnel, straight to SRP then to the busy highway.  when the driving lesson was done and i went out of the car, my legs were still shaking.  i was still in shock and amazed because i survived my first 2 hours.  hahaha!  woohooh!  it was job well done for me.  i really deserve a pat on my back and some round of applause.  job well done channbear!  good luck to me on my next remaining hours of driving lesson.

Are you ready to commit?



I am currently reading a book entitled “Slammed”.  But I won’t give a detail here on what the book is about.  I will be talking about something that I have read on it.  The part wherein the mother of one of the main character gave her some advice on how to tell if the guy you are about to commit into a relationship with is the right one.  Layken’s mother(the name of the female main character in the story) mentioned three questions that you should answer before trying to commit to somebody.  Below are the three questions that she told Layken to consider.

1. Does he treat you with respect?
2. If he is the same person twenty years from now that he is today, would you still want to marry him?
3. Does he inspire you to want to be a better person?

If time will come that I will meet the “right guy”, I would definitely answer the above questions before deciding to commit with him.

Christmas Wishlist 2012


Christmas is indeed in the air.  Christmas decors are already being put up(except in our house since ate and i haven’t bought new Christmas decors).  As we all know, aside from forgiveness and giving love, Gift giving is what most of us is anticipating during Christmas.  So just like the other years, I will be posting here my Christmas wishlist.(pero ako ra diay japun ang mo regalo sa akong self ani…hehehe!)

What I want for Christmas is summarized in this song.  hehehe!

Lols!  I’m just kidding.  Well, seriously here’s what I really want to receive or will give to myself for this Christmas.

1.  A smile from a person, not just any smile, but a genuine smile, a smile that will reach in your eyes because of a good deed that I have done.

2.  A red x mini speaker.  This item was on my wishlist last year.  A friend promised me that he will give me one of this when I told him that among the items of my wishlist this one is what I really want to receive.  Hmmm!  Did he really promise?  As far as I know, he said, “next time nalang na kay mahal2x.”  hehehe!  So he did.  Paging!  Hahaha!

3.  A bike.  So what if it’s not good for a girl to ride a bike.  I WANT ONE!  hehehe!

4. A big pillow.  Kanang pareho nako katas-a nga pillow jud.  hehehe!

5. A waffle maker.  This was also on my list last year, but my manito gave me the waffle maker for flat waffles, not the one I like.  Well, I forgot to specify what type of waffle maker he should give.  My bad.



it really amazes me and makes me proud, whenever other people would comment regarding the closeness that we have with our cousins.  when they see us go on a trip or eat dinner together, they would comment that they admire us because despite our busy schedules, we still have time to plan some get together.  what is amazing to other people is just normal to us.  it is normal for us to see each other once in a while even if there is no occasion.  it is normal for us to plan a sleepover to comfort one of us.  like the other families, we sometimes have some petty fights from time to time but we make sure to fix it.  each of us aren’t perfect, we each have our differences and shortcomings but together we make a perfect picture (kay mga gwapo man mi ug gwapa….hahahaha…ni simang lagi…).  but seriously, i’m proud to be part of the Cabanday Family.