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my seven best pictures in 2012


one more day and we will already bid goodbye to 2012.  so before it will end, i have gone through all the pictures that i have taken and selected seven best pictures that will fall to the seven categories.

  • Takes my breath away


This picture was taken during our climb in Mt. Talinis.  Everytime i see the pictures that I have taken during that adventure, it really takes my breath and I am always in awe how beautiful God’s creation is.

  • Makes me dream


This was again taken during our climb in Mt. Talinis.  I chose this picture for the said category because obviously it makes me dream.  Dream that the world would still as beautiful and green like before.

  • Makes me think


The picture above was taken in Pandan Island during my trip in Palawan.  The picture makes me think if someday, would I be able to find my soulmate.  The guy whom I would spend the rest of my life and whom I will love.(basin mao nana xa dah…hehehehe!)’

  • Makes me laugh or smile



This picture was taken when Kring2x, Grace and i went to the peryahan beside the Mabolo Church.  It makes me smile sometimes laugh remembering how we acted when we went there.  We really spend our moneys for the perya games and the ferris wheel.

  • Makes my mouth water



Well, this might just be an ordinary chicken bbq but for me it isn’t.  Why?  Because this was our meal after we descent in Mt. Talinis.  We were so hungry and exhausted that any food that will be served to us would really taste heavenly.  Aside from that, during our adventure in the mountains, all we ate were canned goods.  So imagine that, how sumptuous that chicken bbq for us.  hehehe!

  • Tells a story


This picture was taken during my cousin Gervise’s birthday.  This picture tells the story of how my cousins and I would really exert an effort to make each of us happy.  Whether it might be birthdays, christmas or just to cheer one of us, we would really give our time and energy.

  • I am most proud of



This was taken in Osmena Peak.  This picture makes me proud because, this is the first mountain climb that I have joined.  Weeeeh!  I conquered the heights.


all alone


sitting all alone here,
watching the other people
eating and talking with each other
almost all of them is with someone
in times like this questions pop into my mind
is my soulmate somewhere out there?
is he also eating all alone just like me?
or is he with someone else?
that’s why i’m alone here.
that’s why we haven’t met yet.
sitting all alone here
watching the people who passes by
makes me wish for me to meet my soulmate soon

note:  wrote this while i was in mcdonald’s earlier eating fries and sundae all alone.

it’s a chicken story



i don’t know why i suddenly think about a certain funny experience when i was a kid.  thinking about it makes me smile and long to be a kid again.  let me share to you that funny experience.

when i was a kid i have this friend who brought me anywhere she would go after my class.  one day, we went to this man who is having a hulbot-hulbot business in front of our school.  for those of you who doesn’t know hulbot-hulbot it’s a game we call in cebuano wherein you will get a rolled piece of paper on a bowl which has a number on it and then if that number will match to the winning numbers of the day you will get a prize.  the prize the manong vendor will give to the winning kids will be a live chick.  luckily, the number that i picked matched one of the winning numbers.  weeeehhh!  when i received the chick, i knew i was in trouble.  true to my instinct, when my mom saw the chick and knew where it came from, she was really mad at me.  but she has no choice but to let me have the chick.(she was angry because i wasted my baon on that silly game…)  i took home the chick and put it in a box.  the next morning, when i took it out on its box so that it can have its exercise a cat pass through our house and saw my chick.  i was so scared of the cat so i ran inside the house and the cat ate my chick.  huhuhuhuhu!  i cried and cried because i lost my chick so a few days later, my father bought me many chicks and build them a cage.  hahahaha!  i don’t know how long we raised some chickens.  all i remember is their population grew.  i can still remember, there was one chicken who layed an egg and because i did not want the egg to be ran over by the other chickens, i took it and hid it.  i cracked the egg.  huhuhuhu!  sorry mother hen.  after some months or i don’t really remember how long all the chickens were gone.  what was left was their cage.  some of the chickens were sold, some were cooked during sinulog and a few died.  since no one was using the cage, my sister and i decided to make use of the cage.  when the cage was already cleaned, we played there.  hehehe!  i can’t believe i really did that back then.  hehehe!

how about you, what childhood experience makes you smile everytime you think of it?


BLIA YAD outing


two weeks ago my friend bryan texted me to text him if ever i’m off for work.  “huh!?  text him?  why?”  i thought he was in it park that’s why he wanted me to tell him that i’m already off for work.  he told me that he was just at home fixing his car and that the reason he wanted me to inform him is that he would like to call me because he has a favor to ask.  hmmm!?  to make the story short, he wanted me to help him look for a place where the BLIA YAD can have their outing and whether i would like to join them.  without hesitation, i agreed.

on the day of the said outing i was suddenly awakened by the alarm of my phone.  i was still sleepy but i have to get up.  ugh!  i willed myself to get up even if i was still sleepy and my head was starting to get hurt but on my mind, the only thing that i was thinking was to go back to sleep.  sleep!  sleep!  sleep!  hehehe!

when i arrived in chu un temple, there were still a few people who arrived.  bryan made me sign a form while waiting for the other people to come.  the agreed time was 7:30 – 8:30 in the morning but we left chu un temple already past 9.  tsk3x…  filipino time…  how i wish i was still sleeping during that time.

the first activity that we did were some getting to know you games.  the first one was there will be two teams and they will face each other. a blanket will be put between the two teams to that they won’t see the other team.  each team will assign one person to sit on the chair that was placed at the center.  when the blanket will be lower down each of the persons who are at the center will try to say the name of the person who is sitting in front.  whoever will say the name of that person first will get the point.  our team lost.  the other getting to know you game was called pik pak boom.  i will not explain the game because i don’t know how to explain it.  hehehe!  our team again lost.  lols!

the next activity were discussions about BLIA YAD, humanity buddhism and how humanity buddhism can help you in your life.  after the talk, the next activity was we were divided into four groups then each group will cook two vegetarian dishes.  our group was assigned to cook pinaypay and sliced the fruits for dessert.  the other dishes that the other groups cooked were spaghetti, tortang talong, chop suey, soup(i don’t know the name of the soup), hawaiian fried rice, and bok choy(?).  i am very proud of us all because not all of us knows how to cook and yet we all came up a delicious dishes.  weeeehhh!  job well done guys.

after we ate what we cooked, we played 3 more games then the masters shared some insights and stories to us then off we go to the rope course.  i did not join the others who tried the rope course because i still have to go to work the next day.  i just settled with the hanging bridge, swings and the mini rope course.  hehehe!

it was already past 6pm when we left mountain view.  i was so sleepy so by the time i was already home, i immediately went to bed.  hehehe!  everytime i join any activity that BLIA YAD organizes like the kape-kape ni master, i always come home happy and full of learning and the recent event was no exception.  thank you bry for inviting me.  till next time.


the pinaypay that our group cooked…looks yummy right?

let go my friend



invisible, that’s what i am to you…
it hurts me to know that…
it really does…
but it’s okay, i’m not angry with what you are doing
it just makes me sad…
sad for you because you are stuck on that anger stage…
don’t you know that you are only hurting yourself?
stop hurting yourself and let go of that anger…
let go my friend and find a peace of mind…


jogurls’ early christmas


it all started when i was wearing a dress and we coax gracey to wear a dress too.  after the boardgame (or was it a videoke night?), she told kring2x that she might wear a dress like the dress that i wore that night.  so me and kring2x found a way so that gracey would have a reason to wear a dress.  thus, the jogurls’ early christmas in dress was realized.  it was my task to pick the date.  i told the two girls that we will have it on december 1.  a perfect way to begin december.  oh diva?  hehehe!

so last december 1, saturday, before our dinner, we agreed to meet at metro gaisano colon for our dress shopping.  that was first stop.  grace and i were the first ones who arrived at metro and bought our dress to wear.  since, grace and i bought a bike, kring2x decided to let us go home first.  we will just meet up at sm by 7pm.

by 7pm, i texted kring2x that i am on my way to sm.  she then called me that we will just meet up in robinson’s cybergate since, after knowing that we are wearing dresses, peter told her that he will go home and change because he was just wearing a shirt and jogging pants.  i was the first one to arrive again.  sigh!  good thing i was pretty!  hahaha!  5-10 minutes later, kring2x arrived.  we decided to wait for grace inside the coffeebean so that kring2x can charge her cellphone.  15 minutes later, grace finally arrived and off we go to aranos.

before arriving to aranos, we were almost lost.  we kept on searching for the bakery and fairview village, the two landmarks that we know that will help us locate the restaurant.  kring2x hurriedly called her boyfriend to confirm the location of the said restaurant.  we found out that the bakery, was no longer there, it was replaced with a laundry shop and the name of the village where the restaurant is located is not fairview, it was fairlane.  haiiist!  good thing manong taxi driver was so kind and cool-headed and july was so good in giving directions.  hehehe!

upon arriving at the restaurant, before going inside, the first thing we did was, take our pictures.  hehehe!  what i can say about aranos is, the food was delicious and very affordable.  i so love the paella and the gambas.  the place was so romantic and cozy.  what i didn’t like is there tables and chairs.  they should do something about it.  but all-in-all, the place is great.  after devouring our food, had a quite number of our pictures taken and payed the bill, we decided to go to it park.(peter did not arrive…)

way before that night, i kept on telling kring2x that we should have a pictorial session at the walk’s facade.  the christmas decorations are really nice.  so, upon arriving in it park, that’s what we did first.  have our pictures taken.  after having our pictures taken in all angles, we decided to go to loft, to chill out.  when we were already near at the loft, we were already having doubts whether to continue going inside or not.  after texting my sister to ask how much is the entrance fee, we decided to finally go inside.  what we thought was 150pesos turned out to be 300pesos.  it would be a shame to just walk out of there, so we decided to just go inside and take a look as to what really is inside, have our pictures taken and audit our expenses for the night.  hehehe!

as expected, i did not really like that experience.  i was beginning to get tired and sleepy.  the interior in loft was nice, but still, i did not enjoy it.  i’m not the disco girl.  thankfully, after finishing my rum-sprite and kring2x’s rum-coke and san mig lemon, we decided to call it a night.

for me, even if i didn’t like the loft experience that much, i really enjoyed our day.  thank you girls for an enjoyable experience again.

by the way, if you also want to dine in aranos restaurant, it is located in fairlane village which is near guadalupe elementary school.

the food that we ordered





the walk’s christmas decors



the dresses that we bought





just locate this sign then turn there and you will be able to locate aranos


the day i bought my bike


way before, kring2x, grace and i planned to go shopping for a dress then have dinner wearing the dress that we’ve bought afterwards.  on the day of our agreed date, we decided to meet at metro gaisano colon by 1pm.  by 1pm, i texted the two of them if they were on their way, kring2x told me that she was still in it park waiting for our friend then texted again that she will be running really late because the friend and her boyfie, wanted her to stay longer to play a couple of boardgames.  on the other hand, grace texted me that she just finished taking a bath and was still preparing.  so i decided to make a few christmas stars that my sister wanted me to make.  thirty minutes past one, grace texted me of our whereabouts, i hurriedly prepared to go to metro and texted her that i was on my way there because i thought she was already there.  but sadly, she was still waiting for a jeepney.  when i arrived in metro gaisano, i found out that they were having a one day crazy sale.  ohhhh!  just our luck.  while waiting for grace, i searched for some shoes and dress that i will buy later.  i got bored searching for a dress and shoes alone so i went to the second floor of the department store to see if the bikes were also on sale.  weeeeeeeehhhhh!  and they were really on sale.  the mountain bike, from 2500+ i think, it came down to 1999.  i immediately texted grace that the bikes there were on sale since she also wanted to buy a bike.  when grace arrived, we began searching for a dress but to no avail.  after a few minutes of searching, we went down to the second floor and bought a bike.  hahahaha!  we kept on laughing to ourselves because instead of buying some clothes, we ended up buying a bike.  well, we did buy some dress, but the bike was prioritized.  hehehe!