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one mountain at a time : mt. lanaya


days before the climb, i have already been reading about mt. lanaya, of its trail.  whether it would be difficult or not and how many hours we have to walk for us to get to the campsite and to the peak.  most of the write-ups about mt. lanaya tells me that the terrain will be quite difficult.  ropes will be needed for you to get to the top and that you have to crawl.  true to what i have read, there were really times that i have to crawl.  there were countless of times that i have to pray for my dear life, for me not to fall.  there was a time wherein i dared to look down which i really regretted after. (me and my fear of heights…sigh!)  we didn’t have to use any rope, well, we didn’t bring one.  hehehe!  but despite the bee stings, a few scratches, the very tiring walk, it was all worth it.  the view from the top of the mountain was really breath-taking.  that is the very reason why i still look forward in climbing mountains.  despite the fact that during the first few minutes of walking i would ask myself why i was there, the view from the top will constantly remind me why.

’till the next mountain that we will climb guys.  thanks again for the memories.


picture-taking before starting the climb


the girls


stop sa para pa picture


kring2x and july’s tent, naki hitch rako

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picture-taking before going down

pictures are from july and my cam…


boracay escapade: part 3


i haven’t had much sleep for the past two days already and we had a very tiring day for a couple of days so on our second night in boracay i was glad that i had a good sleep but it was not really a long sleep because ate woke me up so early. (first time, she was the first time to wake up and get ready.)  i still wanted to go back to sleep but i willed myself to get up because i also want to go to the shore to see if there are sand sculptures.  i also want to go swimming in the beach for the last time in boracay.

when we got to the shore, there were five sand sculptures.  we took our pictures together with it then went swimming.  ate wants to make a music video of our whole boracay escapade so we took videos of ourselves running,swimming and jumping. (hehehe!  parang mga engot lang!  hehehe!)  after about an hour we went back inside the hotel to eat our breakfast.  just like the other day, we split up the fee for the excess person.  since, we will be on the road for 6hours, we ate as much as we could.  (pang lunch nasad taman.  hehehe!)  after our stomach were fully satisfied, we went back to our room to freshen up then went back to the beachfront to buy more pasalubongs.

we checked out in la carmela at around 10AM.  by 11:30AM we were already at caticlan pier.  we were 30minutes late.  our plan was by 11am we should already be on the road to Iloilo city.  but it was ok since the ride just lasted for about 4-5hours.  we were already in Iloilo city by 4PM and was in Port San Pedro by 4:30PM.  even though the ship will sail by 7PM, we decided to just go on board early because if we will go somewhere, the boat might leave without us.  hehehe!

the last time we ate was 8AM.  we haven’t eaten our lunch so we were very hungry when we boarded the ship.  after we settled down on our bunk, we decided to go to their canteen to eat dinner early.  but unfortunately, they will be serving dinner by 6PM.(huhuhu! my stomach was already protesting during that time.)  so while waiting for the time we decided to explore the other rooms in the ship where we are allowed to enter.  there was a stair at the canteen that leads to a lounge.  at the stairway, you can really tell that the lounge would be grand.  the stairway leading to the lounge is like the stairway in a hotel.  there’s a red carpet, chandelier and a mirror.  the lounge though is not as grand as the stairway but it is really cozy and romantic.  after we were done taking our pictures at the stairway and at the dining booth in the canteen, we decided to go back to our bunk.  we will just go back when the food will already be served.  since it was still a bit early, we decided to play monopoly deal.(ate won the first game then i won the second game.)  after playing two rounds of game, we helped ate unravel the braids of her hair.  it took her forever to fix her hair afterwards so it was already 20minutes after 6PM when we went back to the canteen.  by the time we went back there, the only viands left was siomai and we have to wait for 10minutes for the rice to be cook.  huhuhu!

as planned, we ate our dinner inside the lounge.  the food wasn’t really that great but we have no choice but to eat it.  we don’t have food and the travel time will take 12hours.  while we were eating our dinner, ate took a video of us.  it will be included to the music video that she is planning to make.  we also took a few pictures of ourselves.  hehehe! so cam-whore.  after we have finished our dinner, we decided to stay there for a bit longer since there is a television.  in the middle of watching tv patrol, two guys arrived and seated beside the table we were at.  one of the guys then asked me if we were ilongga.  i told him no, that we were from cebu.  she was a bit confused so she asked us what we were doing in iloilo.  i told him that we went to boracay for a vacation and we are on our way back to cebu in time for sinulog.  when i mentioned to him about the sinulog, he told me that it will be their first time to witness sinulog.  he has been to cebu countless of times but that was his first time to be there during the festival.  i told him about some things that he have to know about sinulog like they have to really walk during the time of the grand parade because there will be no jeepneys.  when i mentioned to them that there will be no jeepneys, he got worried.  lols! hehehe!  in the middle of our conversation, a few crews entered the lounge and sat near our table.  my cousin and sister asked them if whether it was true that the ship will dock at the port by 10AM instead of 7AM because of the fluvial parade.  one of the crew confirmed it and told us that the ship will have momentarily stop near the new mactan bridge until the fluvial parade is over.  we were a bit worried but when they mentioned to us that we might be able to witness the fluvial parade, we’ve got pretty excited.

together with our new-found friends, we were laughing with the jokes that ate, my cousin and i throw from time-to-time.  my sister, cousin and i and one of the ilonggo guy who can speak and understand bisaya very well were already enjoying but the other ilonggo guy kept on asking us what we were laughing about.  haiiist!  i have to translate everything to him, but by the time he understand it, the joke is no longer funny. (mag kat-on lagi ug bisaya.)

the crew changed the channel of the tv and the program being shown was so lame, so we decided to go back to our bunk.  since the three of us were staying in tourist and the two ilonggo guys were staying in economy, we bid goodbye to them.

after freshening up, even if we still don’t want to go to sleep, we did not really have much of a choice.  we forced ourselves to get some sleep.  i really didn’t get much sleep.  the wave was so strong that kept me awake in the middle of the night.  i was really nauseous for the whole time we were in the boat.  i kept wishing for it to already end soon.  but again, i have to endure it a bit longer because of the fluvial parade.  but fortunately, when the boat momentarily stopped, the sea was already calm.

we weren’t able to witness the fluvial parade as what one of the crew mentioned to us a night before.  the ship was very far from where the fluvial parade was held.  booooh!  the only thing they said that is true was that, after the fluvial parade the ship can already dock at the port.  hehehe!

i really enjoyed, my boracay escapade despite some few disappointments and misfortunes(uber kaau ang misfortunes…lol!)  but one thing is for sure, i wouldn’t want to go back to boracay.  i still prefer going bantayan island.

295393_10151422297552392_267366612_n 67456_10151422261602392_968962713_n 398096_10151422262002392_165772131_n 424516_10151422272982392_1885680440_n 320921_10151422276957392_632549065_n 601259_10151422296492392_2102507281_n 734703_4785465686127_870083697_n 486929_4785464006085_1330371712_n

boracay escapade: part 2


the sand sculptures

as expected, i did not sleep well on our first day in boracay.  when i woke up the next morning, i was having some muscle pains in my arms and back.  i was still sleepy but i willed myself to get out of bed.  when i noticed that my cousin was already awake, i invited her to go with me outside, to check out if there are sand sculptures.(since, we did not see any sand sculptures on our first day there.  mr. PA also mentioned that building sand sculpture is prohibited because it will ruin the sand.  i don’t know if that is true.)  good thing, we really woke up early.  there was one sand sculpture left infront of la carmela.  when we saw it, we got really excited so we really ran towards it.  lol!  if you want your picture to be taken together with the sand sculpture, you have to give a donation to the guys who made it.(any amount, but for foreigners, it will be 20pesos.)

270803_10151413807402392_950212112_n 181105_4781994639353_1845636274_n 21983_4781995999387_1481667257_n

piggin’ out early in the morning

when my cousin and i went back to our room, we immediately told my sister about the sand sculpture.  we teased her that she must really be enjoying her vacation in boracay for all the exciting things that she did(sleeping).  after freshening up and changing our clothes, we then went downstairs to eat our breakfast.  since, la carmela only provided two breakfast buffet stubs, we decided to split the 220pesos payment for the extra person.  when we arrived in the dining hall, there were no other people eating their breakfast.  we were the last guest who haven’t taken their breakfast.  we took as much food from the buffet table, never thinking if we could finish it or not.  tsk…tsk…tsk…  past 9am, one of the staff informed us that they will be cleaning the buffet table already so we should get some more food if we want to.  so we did.  hehehe!  (kutob nato lunch nga kaon.  lols! hahaha!)


helmet diving

after our piggin’ out session, we went back into our room to get some things then went to the beachfront to find mr. PA.  on our way to the helmet diving booth, we reminded if of his promise with regards the henna tattoo.  he told us a day before that, that he will do our henna tattoo for free but we will buy our own ink.(it will just cost 100pesos.)  we told him that we want it to be done after the atv ride.  he agreed to our request.  (weeeehhh!  loyal jud kaayo namo.  hehehe!  nadala sa among charm!  lols!)

when we arrived at the helmet diving booth, we then payed the 700pesos fee and waited for awhile for the boat that will take us to the area where the helmet diving will be held.

upon arriving at the location, the first thing to be done is to listen to the guidelines to be discussed by one of the staff of shingley.  while i was listening to all of the instructions that the manong was telling us.  I got scared for myself.  i was afraid of the pain that i will be feeling on my ear once i get down on the water.  even though he gave us some instructions on how to stabilized the pressure, once we are under the water, i was still afraid.  but nevertheless, i did not chickened out.

after choosing some footwear, it was time to go down.  ate and i were the first two to go down.  in the orientation, the manong told us that, upon putting on of the helmet, we should go down slowly so that we won’t be shock of the sudden change of the air pressure.  but sad to say, once the helmet was put on us, the divers, under the water pulled us so fast.  i was began to panic when i was already below because of the pain that i felt on my two ears.  i kept signalling to the diver that i was not okay but he kept trying to straighten my legs so that i could stand.   i tried standing up but i kept on wobbling because of the waves and because the helmet was so heavy.  the diver helped me until i can finally stand and  walk on my own.  but the pain on my ears was still there.  i kept on doing what the manong instructed us to do but to no avail.  after a few times of trying, i noticed that i was doing it the wrong way.  lols!  instead of closing my mouth while blowing my nose, my mouth was open.  hehehe!  silly me!  after doing it the right way, i was a little bit ok so i signaled the diver that i was already ok.  but from time to time, i still did the blowing of nose thingy.

after a few minutes have passed and a few pictures was taken, i was beginning to feel nauseous and feel cold.  i kept hoping for the activity to end soon.  but i endured it.  (sayang ang 700…hehehe!)  so that i wouldn’t think of the cold and nauseous feeling, i busied myself in trying to hold the fishes that will swim infront of me.  watching the fishes swimming, makes me think that i am watching a 3d film.  even if the fishes looks like they are just near, when you try to hold them, you can’t hold them because they are still far.  we were beginning to think that they aren’t real, not until the time that one of the divers gave us some piece of bread to feed to the fish.  by that time, we really felt the fish munching the bread and our fingers. lols!

after the fish feeding, it was time to go up.  again, the divers are in such of a hurry, they sent us back up so fast.  tsk…tsk…tsk…  i immediately, put on my cover up once i reached at the top.  it was really so cold and the nauseous feeling worsened the situation plus the boat that will take us back to the shore took so long to arrive again.  haiist!

by the time we got back to the shore, i kept thanking the Lord that i was okay regardless of the pains and uneasy feeling that i felt.


537271_4786202464546_1147338513_n 319771_4786046220640_668727578_n 154190_4786071261266_1826563008_n 314232_4786076461396_1338747835_n 68416_4786081341518_242269214_n 320961_4786082061536_1822125284_n

the atv ride experience

we promised, mr. PA that we will be doing the atv ride by 1pm.  but because we were again leeching the wifi in mcdonald’s it was almost two when we got back to la carmela.  hehehe!

after changing our clothes and putting on some sun block, we went back at the beachfront to look for mr. PA.  he was still in the middle of finishing a henna tatto so he asked us to wait for a little bit.  when he was already done, we then started to walk towards a corner to wait for the shuttle that will take us happy dreamland park.

happy dreamland park is an amusement park.  they have lots of rides.  but the rides were still close when we got there so we just took our pictures infront of the rides.  hehehe!  the atv ride is worth 400pesos but we payed for a total of 510pesos because we still have to pay for the entrance fee of the two places where we will be heading.

the first stop was the Everland Aviary Farm.  i was a bit disappointed by what i saw in there because most of the birds were lovebirds which is very common.  the only animals that i like in there were the parrots, peacock and peasant.  i was also able to touch a big lizard.  i forgot what kind of lizard it is.  there was also an eagle wherein you can have your picture to be taken together with it.

after seeing all the animals in the farm we then headed to the Ocean Tower View Deck.  Ocen Tower View Deck is just like the view deck of the chocolate hills where you have to climb a long stairs before reaching to the top.  there, you can see the whole island of boracay and othere islands that is near boracay like romblon.  we stayed there for about 20minutes then went back downstairs then head back to happy dreamland park.

i really enjoyed the entire atv ride to the extent that i want to own one.  if only you are allowed to drive an atv in the road.  well, maybe you could but you would look weird.

when we got back to happy dreamland park.  i then asked mr. PA of the location of the trick museum.  i so wanted to go there.  i almost back out when i knew the price that you have to pay for you to enter inside.  you have to shell out 160pesos for you to get inside.  well, it was worth it.  there were a lot of 3d pictures where you can have your picture to be taken.  it took us an hour to tour around the whole museum.

after we were satisfied, we headed back to la carmela.  on our way back, we finally asked mr. PA’s name.  hehehe!  well, i did not read his business card.  there was no need for me to read his business card because he was always infront of la carmela hotel.  hehehe!

601150_4785971538773_911220121_n 314264_4785971938783_1095681216_n 555372_4785950778254_35752861_n 379754_4785798894457_1384757672_n 397635_4785854175839_2131444836_n 485945_4785851055761_1047961508_n 549860_4785846575649_1990250555_n 537167_4785938617950_728066647_n 734793_4785934697852_929063463_n 75249_4785933217815_510985957_n 395458_4785929297717_786289543_n 537082_4785910257241_735487563_n 536865_4785910657251_1388900848_n 385239_4785881696527_1745435488_n 3384_4785944538098_1136870943_n 3371_4785946618150_967824128_n 558219_4785991259266_643713682_n 424474_4786007819680_2073410238_n 537289_4786035940383_761824962_n 65852_4786014939858_1999670228_n 2046_4786010019735_1920470762_n 735208_4785796974409_1077815962_n 397396_4786000619500_1878226140_n 394926_4785837695427_589529268_n

henna tattoo, dinner and more

when we were already infront of la carmela, Ronnel then bought the ink for the henna tattoo.  while waiting for him, ate bought some barbecue and rice to eat.  when she went back on where we were sitting, she then told us to buy some too, it will be our dinner.  my cousin and i were dumbfounded because earlier she mentioned that she wants us to eat our dinner in shakeys.  she wants to eat there because she wants to eat carbonarra.  she then began to laugh and said, “sagdi nalang gud.  kani nalang atong dinner.  palit namo kaw, samtang wala pato siya naabot.”  haiist!  pinaka wala juy klaro sa tanan.  we willingly followed her instruction.  we don’t really mind since it wasn’t really our plan at the first place to eat in shakeys.

by the time ronnel went back, we were in the middle of eating our dinner so my cousin offered him one of the barbecue she bought.  then he told us this, “huwag kayong kung saan-saan lang bibili ng pagkain.  baka malason kayo.”  WHAT!?  we almost finished our food and that’s the only time you’re doing to mention that to us?  he just laughed!

after the henna session, we decided to go back to our hotel room to change, get a little rest before we will go swimming then go to a bar to party as we have agreed.  but again, ate didn’t wake up.  i told my cousin that we will just let her sleep.  we left her there while we went out to go swimming.  it was our last night in boracay and we haven’t gone swimming in la carmela’s swimming pool which is the very reason why we chose la carmela among the many hotels in boracay.  the water and the wind was so cold.  but after some time you will already get used to the cold.  after a few minutes of swimming in the pool we decided to go to the shore.  since, there were no other people swimming in the sea, we decided to do a pictorial with just our swimsuit.  hehehe!  after a few shots were taken, we decided to go back to our room to freshen up and try to wake up ate so that we can already go partying.  but then she didn’t wake up.  so again my cousin and i decided to just leave her there while we go strolling.(we took the key and left it at the front desk.  so there was no electricity inside the room.  hehehe!)  we just went to a certain restaurant and ordered spaghetti and a shake while listening to the music being played from a nearby disco bar.  after an hour, we decided to go back to our room and call it a day.  we have to wake up early the next day because we have to leave early.  on our way back, we saw some guys who were building some sand sculptures so we waited for them to finish their masterpiece and took some pictures before going back to the hotel.

578416_10151413830232392_1637670796_n 528967_10151413829562392_707242223_n 74970_10151413829452392_1134574551_n 74596_10151413828787392_361138642_n 32180_4782042680554_1392834052_n 424371_4782041080514_251313606_n 578614_10151410708057392_1110449819_n

by the way if you will go to boracay and you want to try the different water sports and other activities that they are offering you can contact ronnel francisco with this contact information.
cell #: 09195069674+FB:
YM and FB:


ronnel francisco

boracay escapade: part 1


prior to my boracay trip, i was really so excited.  as usual, i list down all the things that i should bring, packed my things two days before the trip.  a day before the trip, i really went home immediately from the office so that i can check the things that i have packed on my bag and sleep early.  hehehe!

three little stooges

on the day of our flight to caticlan, as always it took so long for ate to be ready.  haiist.  and it turned out, that for the entire trip, we always have to wait for her.  when we were already boarded on the plane, we were seated beside a three gentlemen aging around 40-50 years old.  even though they were already old, they were very funny.  for the entire trip, we just kept on laughing with their jokes.

flight stewardess:  sir, in times of an emergency would you be willing to assist us, since you are seated near the exit door?
old guy a and b: sure!  no problem!
flight stewardess:  thank you po sir.  paki basa nalang po yung handbook.
old guy a: miss, pwede practice?  bubuksan namin to?
flight stewardess: hindi po pwede sir.  wag napo mag practice.
old guy b: ai hindi kami makakatulong niyan.

that is just one of the many funny and makulit conversations that we have witnessed during our flight to caticlan.  and even during the time that we already landed and were inside the airport, they were still so makulit.

people from shangri-la: shangri-la po sir, maam.
old guy c: shangri-la! shangri-la! (calling to the people from shangri-la, as if they want to avail the rooms in there.)
the people from shangri-la then approached the three guys, excited.
old guy c: practice lang.  hehehe!  maybe next time.

the old lady

after going outside the airport, an old lady approached us.  she asked us if we already have booked a hotel.  we answered no, that we still have to check la carmela if it isn’t full and then if it is so, we will wander around boracay to search for a hotel.  she offered that if ever, there won’t be vacant rooms in la carmela, we could check out two hotels that she knows that is cheap, but will be worth it.  she helped us hail a tricycle, told us where to go to buy the ferry-boat ticket and all.  she mentioned that she was from the tourism department and that their job is to usher and help the tourists find a good accommodation and all.  she gave us some tips which we did not follow.  lols!  but we were still thankful for the help that she extended to us.  without her help, some tricycle drivers might have taken advantage of our being ignorant to the place.

mr. personal assistant

luckily, there were still available rooms in la carmela.  even though we know that la carmela is a bit pricey, we still opted to stay there since we know we are safe there.  after we put our things inside our room and changed our clothes, we decided to go to d talipapa to buy some pasalubongs and then eat our lunch.  when we were already outside la carmela, there were so many locals asking the tourists if they want to avail of the packages that they are offering.  one of the many guys who offers water sports packages approached us.  he asked us if we want to try helmet diving or atv.  we asked him if how much is the island hopping, he told us the price but told us that the island hopping during that time won’t be no fun because it will just be from end-to-end.  we can’t go inside some islands because of the strong waves.  we told him that we will just come back because we still have to eat our lunch.  he gave us his calling card and said “parang awa niyo na maam.  limang piraso nalang po ang natitira niyan.  sana kayo napo yung unang tatawag.”  we promised to come back and text him. (we did but it was already almost 5pm and the helmet diving was already closed.)  ate was a little bit doubtful whether we should get the packages he is offering to us or not since the old lady told us not to instantly trust anyone who will offer to us some packages.  especially if they don’t have an id that is issued by the DOT.

d’ talipapa, lunch, braid, d’ mall and more

we went immediately to d’ talipapa where many souvenir shops are located.  we bought t-shirts, key chains, ballpens, cellphone accessories for our family and friends back home.  we stayed there for about an hour until we were already hungry so we decided to go back to the beachfront to find a place where we will have our lunch.  we kept on walking and choosing several restaurants where we should eat our lunch until we saw mc donald’s.  lols!  we kept on laughing because we were in boracay but we still opted to eat in mc donald’s.  well, the main reason why we chose mc donald’s is because they have a free wifi.  hehehe!  the price of the meals in mc donald’s, boracay is a bit high compared to other branches.  even their chicken fillet which is just 50 pesos in other branches cost 65 pesos there.  tsk!tsk!tsk!  we stayed there for almost two hours, i think then decided to explore boracay again.  since, ate was planning to have her hair braided, we searched for a stall that is offering the said service.  we found one stall that is located a few steps from the restaurant mesa.  they will braid your hair for 300 pesos.  i did not plan on having my hair braided but when i saw the sample pictures, i found a nice design so i decided to avail of their service.  my cousin also decided to have her hair braided.  while the women were braiding or hair, we heard some familiar voices.  it was really loud.  when we check it out, we were right.  the three old guys from the plane was having their lunch at mesa.

after our hair was done, our next stop was d’ mall.  we just did some window shopping and bought a gallon of water and some food in a convenient store then started walking at the beachfront again.  by this time, i was already a bit grumpy, because ate kept on telling us to take her picture and i was carrying the gallon of water.  we decided to go to willy’s rock to have our pictures taken and see if there are some sand sculptures.  by the time we got there, i was really so tired.  to make it worst, there were no sand sculpture.  so we just had our pictures taken at the willy’s rock then went back to la carmela to return all the things that we have bought and then go helmet diving.  by the time we reached la carmela, it was already almost 4PM.  upon arriving at the front, the guy who approached us earlier, approached us again.  we told him that we will just leave the things that we have bought then we will go try the helmet diving.  but no helmet diving was done.  it was almost 5PM when we went outside because ate went to sleep and won’t wake up when we tried waking her up.  my cousin and i just went outside and left her.  as i mentioned earlier, the helmet diving was already closed when we got there.  so we told mr. PA that we will just do it the next day at 10AM and then try the ATV by 1PM.

dinner and more

when we came back to our room, we told ate that the helmet diving was so much fun.  hehehe!  but we told her the truth and the plan the next day afterwards.  after we told her our plan she went back to sleep.  sigh!  by 6:30PM, i tried waking her up so that we can prepare and head out to look for a place where we will eat our dinner but she didn’t wake up.  i just let her be since i still wasn’t that hungry.  i wake her up again by 7PM and this time my cousin helped me wake her up but still she won’t budge.  i was really so pissed especially when i tried waking her up at 7:30PM then 8PM.  thankfully, by 8PM, she already woke up.  i told her that i was already so hungry.  she told us that why didn’t we woke her up.  WHAT!?  sigh!

after, freshening up, we then went outside to look for a place where we will eat our dinner.  as planned, we looked for an eat-all-you-can seafood place.  after a few minutes of walking, we finally settled to a place wherein for 300 pesos, you can already avail on their seafood buffet but the 300 pesos is just for the foreigners.  for filipinos, it will just be 250pesos.  there was nothing special with their food though, but since we were already hungry, we just ate and ate to satisfy our hunger.  in the middle of our piggin’ out session, again, we heard the familiar voices.  we were right again, the voices belonged to the three old guys.  they were having their dinner beside the place where we were having our dinner.

after finishing our dinner, we decided to have a stroll to check out some bars then go to mc donald’s for the free wifi.  while in mc donald’s a foreigner misunderstood my sister’s move when she was laughing at my cousin’s joke.  he thought that my sister was smiling at her.  so he kept on checking us out.  she began to feel uneasy.  good thing, the security guard went outside to check him out as to why he was just standing outside for quite some time already.  then he walked away.

by the time our the battery of our ipod touch and iphone were empty, we decided to call it a day and head back to la carmela to have a good night rest.


willy’s rock


different braid styles


the water that i carried from d’ mall to willy’s rock then back to la carmela


sunset in boracay


my braid



no braid and with braid


my outfit of that day


we asked the someone to write the names of the person to whom we will be giving the ballpens that we bought


the souvenir shop where we bought the ballpens, key chains ans cellphone accessories


taken at the airport while waiting for our flight

what i can say: boracay


when you hear the word boracay, what word will pop-up into your mind?  way before, i went to boracay, the first two words that would pop-up into my mind is paradise and party.  when you see the pictures and the stories of the people who went there tell you, you would really long to go there.  but after my three-day vacation escapade, together with my cousin and sister, if you were to ask me if what would be the words that will come into my mind upon hearing the word boracay?  my answer would be different.  well, the party would still be there but the paradise won’t.  party, crowded, expensive and dirty.  don’t get me wrong, i really had fun when i was in boracay, but not as fun when i went to palawan, bantayan island and bohol.  i still prefer in going to places that i could connect with nature.  i still prefer in going to places wherein the food are not overpriced, delicious and fresh.  if only, the government in boracay have done something to maintain the beauty of the place and limit the number of establishments being built there.

the dream


this is the third time that i have dreamt that dream. it might not be in the same place but it involves with the same person and the outcome is the same. the dream is not really a bad dream but everytime i wake up from that dream, it gives me that false hope, that longing. i wonder. why on earth i keep on dreaming about that? is it because, prior to those nights that i dreamt it, me and a friend were talking about that person? they said that dreams are the opposite of what will happen in the future. so does it mean that broken friendship will never be fixed again?

is it a contest?


are you already married?
when are you getting married?
do you have a boyfriend?

those are the three questions that are frequently being asked to me nowadays.  and it really annoys me.  seriously people, is getting knocked up and to get hooked a contest?  and is it the only way a person be happy?  i don’t really think so.  i know a few people who aren’t happy in their married life.  people who decided to get married as if it were a contest and in the end they regret it.  so please, don’t give me that weird or pity or whatever that look means just because i chose to be single for now.




i suddenly remember those times when i was still a little kid wherein i religiously collect those cute and scented stationery and paper dolls.  whenever i go to school, instead of just bringing my school stuffs, i would also bring my folder which contains my collection of stationery.  my classmates(girls) and i will then show our stationery to each other.  if we see something that we like, we will exchange it with another stationery from our collection.  nowadays, i can’t seem to find cute and scented stationery being sold.  there are still stationery but they are just those plain ones.  i can’t also seem to find any kid playing paper dolls anymore.  the kids nowadays no longer interested to those simple toys.  they don’t even want to play outside anymore.  the kids now are so boring and spoiled.  sigh!