Monthly Archives: February 2013

be careful what you wish for…


waaaaaaahhhh! i know what i said yesterday. that i want somebody to surprise me(the good surprise). but when it already happened to me, i was shocked, embarrassed by the attention that the people is giving. the cheers, the kantiyaw, i thought i was ready for it. i thought i can handle it. but i was wrong. hehehe! when our hr manager came to my table and gave me a bouquet of flower, i really didn’t know how to react. i kept on asking, “unsa ni? unsa ni?” hahaha! my hands were trembling while i was trying to get the card that came along with the flowers. if i can watch myself during that time, i would really say, i look funny. hehehe! i was having the hard time getting the card. lols! after getting the card, and knew who it was from, i was having a hard time, hiding my emotions, my being kilig, the smile on my face. hehehe! i put down the card and the flower on my table, beside my monitor and tried my very best to concentrate on my work. lols! i thought it was over. but i was wrong. during lunch, he gave me one pink long stem rose. waaaaaahhhhh! i was happy. don’t get me wrong. but i was a bit shy because there were a lot of people when he gave me the rose. hehehe! i’m not used to this kind of attention anymore. i’m not used to this romantic gestures. but i am grateful. thank you for letting me feel the kilig feeling again. hehehe! happy valentine’s day.


how to spend that day…


it’s been so long since i posted something here.  so a friend of mine gave me an idea or rather an assignment for me to do.  blog about this, “if you can choose how to spend your would you spend it?”.  hmmm!

i was never really a big fan of valentine’s day.  am i?  or i was just influenced by an ex-boyfriend.  he wasn’t really the type of guy who will go out of his way just for that day.  to make my life easier and to avoid disappointments, i embraced the fact that, during that day, i won’t be one of those girls out there who will be bringing something that was given by their boyfriend and will eat dinner outside.  but there is still a side of me that is a hopeless romantic gal.  there is still a part of me who keeps on wishing that even just for a day, someone would surprise me.  someone would exert an effort to prepare something for me on that day.  call me old fashion but i still want to receive love letters.  hehehe!  but i am not really fond of receiving flowers and chocolates.  it’s impractical.  and besides, i don’t really like chocolates that much.  i like to make them, but not eat them.  hehehe!

so to answer the question. i want on that day to feel that kilig feeling once again because somebody surprised me.(good, romantic surprise.  not shocking surprise. hehehe!)  hmmmm!  that would really be hard since i will be celebrating valentine’s day this year, a single lady.  but one thing is for sure, i might not feel that kilig feeling that i want, i would still have a blast tomorrow with my friends.