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Bicol Trip: Mayon Volcano


Here in the Philippines, we have the ever famous Mayon Volcano which is known for its perfect cone shape and it was our next destination in our 5-day adventure in Bicol. They said that Mayon won’t let you see her peak on your first time but we were lucky enough when we arrived at Legazpi on our first day in Bicol, Mayon gave us the chance to see its peak even for just a short time.

I won’t bore you with my description of Mt. Mayon since my description won’t give justice to its beauty. Instead, I will just give you a few details of where we stayed and the activities that we’ve done.

For the accommodation, we’ve stayed in Tropical Garden Apartelle which is located in Pag-asa, Rawis in Legaspi City. We reserved 2 rooms for our two-night stay. All-in-all, we’ve payed Php7000. The room has its own bathroom, tv, aircon, refrigerator and 2 beds. Since there were 11 of us, so the other room has 5 people and 6 in the other room. There was also a sofa in the room, so if you won’t all fit on the 2 beds and the extra mattress that they will give, you can also sleep on the couch. The hotel has a nice garden and you can see Mayon volcano from there. We weren’t lucky enough to witness the full view of Mayon since the clouds were always covering its peak.

Before our Bicol trip, we have already arranged a company who will be fetching us for us to go ATV riding and mayon volcano site seeing. The package was for Php1800. It already includes, the 2-hour ATV ride, zipline adventure, free water. You could also climb at the foot of Mayon volcano for some picture taking.

After the ATV ride, the group brought us to Lignon Hill for the free Zipline ride. But none of us wanted to ride the zipline. We were already hungry and tired. After an hour of picture taking, resting and eating some snacks we decided to get going. Since, there were no public transport in Lignon Hill and the ATV ride package does not include sending us back at the foot of the hill, we opted to walk. Walk under the heat of the sun.

We found a carenderia at the foot of Lignon Hill, so we decided to have our lunch there before going to Cagsawa Ruins. We hailed 3 tricycles that will take us to Cagsawa Ruins. The road to Cagwasa Ruins was not that good. It was dusty and bumpy.

After some time of picture takings and resting we decided to head back. But before heading back to our hotel, we bought some pasalubong first. Pili nuts and chillis are the famous delicacies in Albay. So we bought some pili nuts and some key chains shaped like chillis.

Upon arriving in our hotel, we decided to freshen up and rest some more for our dinner at Embarcadero. Embarcadero is a mall beside Albay’s pier. The air is very cool and fresh. But the food is quite expensive. hehehe! After having our dinner, we immediately went back to our hotel to go to sleep since we have to wake up early the next morning for our flight back to Cebu.

the view from our hotel…lovely…

our rooms…

mayon view garden…

the sunrise…view from our hotel…

someone’s excited for the atv ride…

my shoes after just a few minutes of riding yhe atv…

are you ready guys?


yey…I made it…

mayon volcano is so shy…


the cagsawa ruins…

inside the bell tower of cagsawa church…

the view in lignon hill…

chilli ice cream…yummy…


Bicol Trip: Islands of Caramoan


Are you a survivor fanatic?  If you are, then you must have heard of Caramoan.  Among the 100 plus islands that surrounds the municipality of Caramoan, 50 were already discovered by the survivor team.  The survivor US were not really the first ones to shoot there, I’ve heard that it was the survivor France.   With all those survivors being shoot there and the many tourists that comes to visit a few of the islands, it was our turn to explore the island.

A few months before our trip, i came across the website of the Caramoan Discovery.  I then immediately gave the link to the group and suggested to them that we avail the package that the Caramoan Discovery is offering.  We decided to get the 2days 1night with food package that they are offering for just 3200 pesos per person.  The package includes 6meals, the boat fare to and fro Sabang port-Guijalo port, 2 rooms in a hotel, a van that would fetch us from Naga to Sabang port then from Sabang port back to Naga again and the island hopping.  It was a very reasonable offer that we could not refuse.

On our first day in Caramoan, we went to four islands, namely, Busdak, Matukad, Lahos and Nilaos while on the second day we went to the islands of Cotivas, Manlawi and Sabitang Laya.  We also went to one of the many barangays of Caramoan where the Mt. Caglago is located. In our 2days in Caramoan, we swam, climb a rock, walk at the sandbars and the long beach of the many islands that we went to and climb the 524steps of Mt. Caglago to reach the Our Lady of Holy Rosary.  We endured the many hours of sitting the uncomfy seats of the bangka just to see the wonders that the islands of Caramoan will offer to us.

Not all of the islands in Caramoan have a white fine sands.  The other islands have pink sand while the others have black sand but what i like most are the rock formations.  We even had the chance to climb those rocks.  Despite the wonders Caramoan has to offer, it’s the type of place wherein I don’t want to go back again.  Why?  Because it has no network signal and the place is very remote.  But overall, the trip was fun.

How about you, have you been to Caramoan?  What can you say about it?


The view that you will see on the way to Guijalo Port


While waiting for the boat for the island hopping


The boat that we will ride during the island hopping


Busdak Island


The rock formations in Busdak Island


Matukad Island


In Matukad Island;  We climbed those rocks to see an enchanted lagoon with an enchanted bangus


Lahos Island


Nilaos Island


Cotivas Island


Cotivas Island


The food served to us during lunchtime


In Manlawi Island;  There are floating cottages and manongs and manangs selling souvenirs


Manlawi Island


Sabitang Laya Island


Sabitang Laya Island


The rock formations in Sabitang Laya Island


The rock formations in Sabitang Laya Island


While waiting for the others to finish taking their pictures, I found this small place where I can sit and be away from the heat of the sun. The wind was so nice.


Another place that I saw where I can rest because my companions wanted their pictures taken on the small place that I found earlier.


We have to walk to reach the port of barangay Tabgon because the tide was low.

DSC08307 DSC08310

When I saw this water source, I immediately asked our guide if we could wash our feet.


The starting point of the many steps that we have to climb


I was already so tired so I disguise to take some pictures so that I can stop and rest.  Hehehe!


The view from the top of Mt. Caglago


The chapel at the top of Mt. Caglago


The statue of Our Lady of Holy Rosary at the top of the mountain

DSC08357 DSC08361 DSC08362


The Souvenir Shop where we went to buy some souvenirs

Bicol Trip: CWC – Wakeboarding


As we all know, the Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands.  And I was lucky enough to explore a few of those thousands of islands that we have last March 14 – 19.  Of the many regions in the Philippines, we decided to explore a few of the provinces in Bicol Region.  On the first day of our six-day adventure, we went to Camarines Sur to try their ever famous extreme adventure, wakeboarding.

We availed of their 2days 1night promo wherein for every 1 room will be shared by 3persons for only 999pesos.  Aside from the room, you can avail the discounted price if ever you want to experience wakeboarding.  They also have kayaks and some inflatable rides(i really don’t know what to call them…hehehe!).

By the time we arrived CWC, we were already hungry, so despite of the prices of the food that they are selling, we didn’t have a choice.  You still have to ride a motorcycle or any means of transportation for you to get to the nearest store that sells cheap food.  While waiting for our food to be served, there were a few guys and a gal who were using the lake for advance wakeboarding.  They were really so good that it made us nervous to want to try it.  We then asked the waitress of the location of the lake where the basic wakeboarding would take place.  One of our companion decided that she won’t try to ride the wakeboard.  She will just be watching us for the whole afternoon.  After we had our lunch, we decided to go back into our cabins to rest for a bit then by 3:30pm we will go back to the lake for the wakeboarding.  We were so exhausted from our trip that instead of 3:30PM, we went back to the lake already past 4PM.

I was really hesitant to try the wakeboarding, but I set aside the fear that I was feeling.  It was the sole reason why we went to CWC.  I was already there, so why waste the opportunity.  If you rented a room in CWC, for just 90pesos, you can already use the basic wakeboarding facilities.

I was really nervous, while waiting for my turn to try it.  When it was already my turn, i was really having a hard time balancing on the board.  I was already halfway across the lake when I fell.  Falling from the board is quite embarrassing and tiring because you have to swim towards the shore while carrying the board.  Despite the humiliation of falling from the board, I willed myself to try my luck.  I never really got the hang of it, so the trainer told me if I would like him to go with me just so that I could, as they call it, “fulfill my dream” in making one or two turns around the lake.  I was really hesitant to accept his offer, but I also want to try it so I agreed.

I am always afraid of riding roller coasters and any fast rides in amusement parks.  So imagine the fear and thrill that I felt while riding the wakeboard.  It was so fast.  My legs and hands were starting to hurt so by the time that we were already where we started, I immediately released the hand bars and jump from the wakeboard.  hehehe!  Even if I have already experienced what some of the beginners wanted to experience, I still wasn’t contented.  I want to cross the lake all by myself, so I tried and tried until it was time to eat our dinner but unfortunately, I did not really got the hang of it.  I left the lake, frustrated, hungry and tired.  Oh well!  Better luck next time.  I guess, before I’ll try wakeboarding again, I have to work with my balancing skill first.

How about you, have  you already tried wakeboarding?  How was your experience?  Would you do it again?


The other promo that CWC is offering


Just a few of the cabins that they have


A cute chair that is in their reception


They also have a swimming pool where you can swim


The bedroom of our cabin


The bathroom of our room


The lake for the advance wakeboarders


one mountain at a time: kan-irag, sirao peak


i will admit it, i was a bit disappointed by you.  oh kan-irag.  i thought that the view would be as breath-taking as mt. lanaya.  but i was wrong.  it was just like, i went to mt. view.  but despite that, i was happy that the climb was a successful one.  there were no casualties and such, the wind and the rain wasn’t really that strong. we were able to witness the sunset and sunrise and as usual, being with friends makes the climb so much fun.   so it was still perfect.  till the next mountain.


failed jump shot




the moon was still creeping early in the morning


our loyal companions




the view during the night