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how to spend that day…


it’s been so long since i posted something here.  so a friend of mine gave me an idea or rather an assignment for me to do.  blog about this, “if you can choose how to spend your would you spend it?”.  hmmm!

i was never really a big fan of valentine’s day.  am i?  or i was just influenced by an ex-boyfriend.  he wasn’t really the type of guy who will go out of his way just for that day.  to make my life easier and to avoid disappointments, i embraced the fact that, during that day, i won’t be one of those girls out there who will be bringing something that was given by their boyfriend and will eat dinner outside.  but there is still a side of me that is a hopeless romantic gal.  there is still a part of me who keeps on wishing that even just for a day, someone would surprise me.  someone would exert an effort to prepare something for me on that day.  call me old fashion but i still want to receive love letters.  hehehe!  but i am not really fond of receiving flowers and chocolates.  it’s impractical.  and besides, i don’t really like chocolates that much.  i like to make them, but not eat them.  hehehe!

so to answer the question. i want on that day to feel that kilig feeling once again because somebody surprised me.(good, romantic surprise.  not shocking surprise. hehehe!)  hmmmm!  that would really be hard since i will be celebrating valentine’s day this year, a single lady.  but one thing is for sure, i might not feel that kilig feeling that i want, i would still have a blast tomorrow with my friends.


what do you really want?



time and time i wondered
why do you keep on asking how i have been?
do you want to know because you care?
or you just want to know whether i’m miserable or not?

jogurls’ early christmas


it all started when i was wearing a dress and we coax gracey to wear a dress too.  after the boardgame (or was it a videoke night?), she told kring2x that she might wear a dress like the dress that i wore that night.  so me and kring2x found a way so that gracey would have a reason to wear a dress.  thus, the jogurls’ early christmas in dress was realized.  it was my task to pick the date.  i told the two girls that we will have it on december 1.  a perfect way to begin december.  oh diva?  hehehe!

so last december 1, saturday, before our dinner, we agreed to meet at metro gaisano colon for our dress shopping.  that was first stop.  grace and i were the first ones who arrived at metro and bought our dress to wear.  since, grace and i bought a bike, kring2x decided to let us go home first.  we will just meet up at sm by 7pm.

by 7pm, i texted kring2x that i am on my way to sm.  she then called me that we will just meet up in robinson’s cybergate since, after knowing that we are wearing dresses, peter told her that he will go home and change because he was just wearing a shirt and jogging pants.  i was the first one to arrive again.  sigh!  good thing i was pretty!  hahaha!  5-10 minutes later, kring2x arrived.  we decided to wait for grace inside the coffeebean so that kring2x can charge her cellphone.  15 minutes later, grace finally arrived and off we go to aranos.

before arriving to aranos, we were almost lost.  we kept on searching for the bakery and fairview village, the two landmarks that we know that will help us locate the restaurant.  kring2x hurriedly called her boyfriend to confirm the location of the said restaurant.  we found out that the bakery, was no longer there, it was replaced with a laundry shop and the name of the village where the restaurant is located is not fairview, it was fairlane.  haiiist!  good thing manong taxi driver was so kind and cool-headed and july was so good in giving directions.  hehehe!

upon arriving at the restaurant, before going inside, the first thing we did was, take our pictures.  hehehe!  what i can say about aranos is, the food was delicious and very affordable.  i so love the paella and the gambas.  the place was so romantic and cozy.  what i didn’t like is there tables and chairs.  they should do something about it.  but all-in-all, the place is great.  after devouring our food, had a quite number of our pictures taken and payed the bill, we decided to go to it park.(peter did not arrive…)

way before that night, i kept on telling kring2x that we should have a pictorial session at the walk’s facade.  the christmas decorations are really nice.  so, upon arriving in it park, that’s what we did first.  have our pictures taken.  after having our pictures taken in all angles, we decided to go to loft, to chill out.  when we were already near at the loft, we were already having doubts whether to continue going inside or not.  after texting my sister to ask how much is the entrance fee, we decided to finally go inside.  what we thought was 150pesos turned out to be 300pesos.  it would be a shame to just walk out of there, so we decided to just go inside and take a look as to what really is inside, have our pictures taken and audit our expenses for the night.  hehehe!

as expected, i did not really like that experience.  i was beginning to get tired and sleepy.  the interior in loft was nice, but still, i did not enjoy it.  i’m not the disco girl.  thankfully, after finishing my rum-sprite and kring2x’s rum-coke and san mig lemon, we decided to call it a night.

for me, even if i didn’t like the loft experience that much, i really enjoyed our day.  thank you girls for an enjoyable experience again.

by the way, if you also want to dine in aranos restaurant, it is located in fairlane village which is near guadalupe elementary school.

the food that we ordered





the walk’s christmas decors



the dresses that we bought





just locate this sign then turn there and you will be able to locate aranos


Summer Outing


Last Saturday, May 26, we had our company summer outing/team building.  Prior to that day, I was indeed very excited for that day, since that will be my first summer outing here in TSTP.  hehehe!  You can’t blame me to be excited.  I only knew a few people here in my new workplace, so for me, our summer outing was one of the opportunity to meet some of my colleagues.

When I arrived infront of the TGU building on the day of our outing, there were still a few people who arrived.  Faith, one of my colleagues was already there.  While waiting for the bus to arrive, we chatted about traveling.  She also likes to travel like me.  We talked about our travel experience, the places that we have already been to.  She suggested a few places that she has already been to that I should also visit.  After an hour of waiting, the bus then arrived.

Upon arriving in White Sands, we then registered at the front desk so that we could have the food and drinks stub.(hirap na…walang lunch…hehehe…)  After we registered, we again signed another registration which was provided by the facilitators of the activities that we will be having.  Before the activities began, all of us put on some sunblock to protect our skin from the heat of the sun.

The first activity that the facilitators introduced was the Marina and Dugong.  Wherein we were divided into 2 groups.  Group A will be Dugong and Group B will be Marina.  I was in Group B.  The game is simple, Dugong will try to catch Marina.  I really don’t know what’s the purpose of the game.  Next activity was we were divided into four groups.  I was in Group C.  I forgot the name of the game but it has to do with Titanic.  For each group, they should have 1 Captain, 3 Cook, 1 Jack, 1 Rose, 2 Staff, I forgot the role of the other 3 members.  The facilitator will say the boat is sinking save for example 1 cook, Jack and Rose.  So Jack, Rose and 1 cook should not be touch on the ground.  So the option is to carry them.  Since, I was the only girl on the group, I was Rose.  After that activity since, it was already almost 12noon, we then proceeded with our lunch.  Yehey!

The food was so yummy.  I ate a lot.  Hahaha!  One of my colleague commented that now he knows why I am channbear because I eat like a bear.  Hahaha!  By 1PM, the afternoon activities began.  The first activity that we did was, with our group(the 4groups earlier), we should come up with a yell.  While we were brainstorming for our group yell, I suggested that our yell will just be like this, “Yell! Yell! Yell!”.  Hahaha!  One of my colleague laughed so loud that I got shy.  Hehehe!  So I told them to just think of another yell.  Hehehe!

After presenting our yell the next activities that we did was, trust fall, pendulum and cookie dough.  Pendulum and cookie dough is just like trust fall but different type.  Of all the activities that we did, I really like those three.  After the cookie dough, we had a short group sharing about the activities and if we learned something about it.  Since it was already 3PM when the sharing ended, the team building activities was over.  We then had time to go swimming.  Weeeeh.

Overall, the outing was fun.  I had the chance to mingle with my other colleagues.  It was a success for me.  But I did not like the activities that the facilitators gave to us.  But it was okay.

I don’t know his name, but I really find him so cute.  He is the son of one of my colleague.  He visited the office a day before the outing but I did not get to take his picture so when I saw him in the outing, I grabbed the opportunity to take his picture.  Hehehe.

This is Faith.  The colleague that I mentioned above who also loves to travel.

The swimming pool.  Who wouldn’t love to go swimming there?

The weather was really perfect for the outing.

I forgot to ask for their names, but they are the kuya and ate of the cute boy above.

My team lead who was taking a nap.  My colleague Eric, was the one who took this picture.

This is Eric, the culprit.  He really loves his picture to be taken.  He keeps on asking me to take his picture. Hahaha!

When you tell the little girl to smile to the camera, she would really smile.  After you take her picture, make sure to show it to her. She likes that.  Hehehe!

A Series of Misadventures


Since Thursday, Grace, Kring2x, Peter and I started to plan for our board gamers’ summer outing. We decided to held it in Cebu Beach Club. Little did we know, instead of experiencing adventures, we instead had a series of misadventures.

First misadventure:
It happened last Saturday evening, after Kring2x, Grace and I shopped for our gym outfits and foods and drinks to bring for the outing. We rode the kalesa from colon to the street where our house is located. While we were still going to ride the kalesa, Grace was almost left behind. After Kring2x and I was sitted inside the kalesa, manong driver suddenly signaled to the horse to go. hehehe! On the way of the trip, the horse was almost hit by a jeepney. It was really a close one. But we were really more concerned for the horse’s life. hehehe!

Second misadventure:
I really did not experience it first-hand but Kring2x narrated the story to us. After they accompanied me to our house and helped me carry all the grocery bags, Kring2x and Grace rode in a trisikad/pedicab to go back to colon. On their way, the trisikad was suddenly broken. So they decided to ride another one.

Third misadventure:
On the day of our outing, we agreed to meet-up in Jollibee, highway. After everyone has arrived, we then walk to the jeepney stop. It was really hot and we were carrying many things. The dispather(the guy who calls people to ride the jeepney) asked us if where we were heading. We told him that we were heading to Soong, Maribago. And guess what, there weren’t any jeepney that will pass by there that will go to Soong. We still have to walk one block, under the heat of the sun.

Fourth misadventure:
When we arrive in Soong, Maribago, we rode a tricycle that would take us to Cebu Beach Club. When we were already at the gate of Cebu Beach Club, the guard then told us that they won’t accept walk-in because the whole resort was reserved. hahaha!

Fifth misadventure:
Since, we can’t go inside Cebu Beach Club, we decided to just go to Tambuli. Again, when we were already at the gate of Tambuli, the guard told us that we have to pay 500 pesos for the entrance and the food. But since, we brought food, we decided to just go to Karancho.

Sixth misadventure:
Since, the sun was shining so hot when we arrived in Karancho, and there were so many people swimming at the beach, we decided to just play and eat for the whole afternoon and just swim by 4pm. Little did we know that by that time, the sea will no longer be there for us to enjoy.(low tide ng big time ang dagat…toinks…hehehehe!) We opted not to go swimming instead and just continue playing board games until night time.

With all the misadventures that we have experienced, we still had a fun and was so busog with all the food that we ate. hehehe! Thanks guyz for the memories. Till next time.(dapat naa jud pool atong adtuan para dili mahubas…hehehe!)

Cabanday Clan Christmas Party


This morning, I texted all my cousins which I have a number in my mother side as to what they want us to do on Christmas day.  My sister texted back that we should have an exchange gift.  Evee and Celine replied that they want us to play Pinoy Henyo.  After a few hours and many text message that we have sent out and received, we then decided that we will have the following activities.

  • Exchange Gift worth 100 pesos
  • Pinoy Henyo
  • Charades
  • Videoke

I assigned Evee to make the props for the Pinoy Henyo.  I will be the one to buy the prizes.  Of course i will ask a little monetary contribution from them, but I am planning that i will shoulder the prizes.  That will be my gift to all of them.  Hehehehe!

Evee mentioned to me that she is already excited for that day.  It will be another happy get together.  Weeeehhh!

I came up with the idea to text them first and organize the activity since nobody initiated it.  I also don't want that the people will get bored again, like last year.  After we ate our lunch, received our gifts from our Tito's and Tita's, we did not know what to do.  So we just went to SM without knowing what to do there.  It was really boring.  Hopefully, this year, it will be a blast.  But even if it will not be, the best part of it will be that we will get together on that day happily.

Visayas Blogging Summit


Last year, after I attended the Cebu Blog Camp for the first time (I was really nervous when I attended the event, since I did not know anyone.), I’ve receive an invitation in my facebook for the Visayas Blogging Summit that was held in Iloilo.  I really wanted to join the said event at that time, but I was so reluctant since I don’t know anybody in Iloilo.  So, I did not register and was not able to join the blog summit. But this year, a friend of mine told me that the blog summit will be held here in Cebu, in SM City Cebu.  When she told me the news, I got excited but when she told me that it will be this November 26, I was disappointed because I had already planned something for that day.  But fortunately, that something was cancelled last week.  So when one of the organizers emailed to me about the event, I then immediately composed this blog entry that I will be submitting to them so that I can hopefully join the summit.

One of the organizers of the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 is the well known group of bloggers here in Cebu, the Cebu Bloggers.  So for all the bloggers and non-blogger see you on November 26, 2011 at SM City Cebu.  You can check out further informations about the event on their website.  (Visayas Blogging Summit 2011)

I really hope I am not late to submit this entry. : ) Since I forgot to submit this last November 20. Nyahehehehe! Wish me luck. I also hope I could wake up early this coming Saturday since, the organizers instructed us to be in SM by 7 AM. Waaaaahhhh! No night life during Friday, if that’s the case. Hehehehe!
By the way, below are their sponsors and partners for the said event.



SM City CebuNew  Logo PRWorks VisMin


Virtual Staff Finder


Solid Hosting Bluewater Resorts Tibiao Fish Spa


Cebu Daily NewsFreeman Cebu NewsGMA 7 Cebu
GEOH Media


Cebu Financial ConsultantPinoy Great Deals


Cagayan De Oro Bloggers

Dabawenyo Bloggers
Iligan Bloggers SocietyIloilo Bloggers OrganizationMCCI
Manila Bloggers NetworkMindanao Bloggers Community


Cebu Daily News
RLCOMM InternationalThird Team Media
Brenn AlmarioHome Radio CebuPanay News Freeman Cebu NewsGMA 7 Cebu
GEOH Media
Monster Radio 105.9

My First Milo Run/Walk


After we have experienced a 3k fun run at SM, Ate and I told ourselves that, that was just one of
the many marathons that we will be joining from now on.  So last September 9, Ate registered us
for the Milo Marathon.  It was held yesterday.  The starting point was in front of CNU and its
finish line was inside the Abellana Sports Complex.

A night before the said event, I set my alarm to 4:16 AM because the marathon will start by 5:30
AM.  But by the time my phone shouted that it was time to wake up I just turned it off and went
back to sleep.  Hahaha!  Luckily, Ate, woke me up a minute before 6Am so that I could get ready.  
By 5:15, my friend Bryan already called us that he was already waiting for us outside CNU.  So Ate
and I, hurriedly started to walk so that we wouldn't be late.

At the time we arrived at the starting point, there were already so many people.  Ate and
I had a hard time locating where Bryan and Ate's officemates where waiting.

When the marathon started, since, there were so many people who joined, instead of running, for the whole race, we were just walking.  It was not a marathon anymore, it was like a procession, or walking the Jones Avenue for the Sinulog festival.  Hahahaha!  We finished the marathon with a time of 1 hour and 16 minutes.  Hehehe!

I hope the next time Milo would held a marathon, they would limit the number of people who will join or not, they will organize it properly.

Project 365 Days


Last year when I still have my Nokia 5800 phone I started a challenge for myself to take 1 picture everyday that would represent or could tell how my entire day was. I had also had an urge at that time to edit pictures. But when my phone was broken, I stopped taking pictures and the challenge also has stopped. Yesterday, during the blog camp, when one of the speakers introduce to us Piclyf. I began to get this tingling feeling to take one photo each day.  Hope I can start the challenge tomorrow and really finish it.  Wish me luck. Hehehehe…

Reposting: Attended: Cebu Blog Camp 2010


Well, the day that I have been waiting for has finally come. I have already attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2010 which I have been so excited to be in for these past few days.(Reeeeally excited…as in…That I really visit the cebu blog camp site everyday checking if they have any further notice…hehehehe…And was so sad when the confirmation mail did not come last Wednesday which they promised.heheheh..) It was really a very fun and informative camp/conference. The speakers really made sure that they delivered their topic well and that their content would really help us. I got to meet new friends. I hope I could meet them again or still keep in touch with them. Because honestly speaking, aside from the fact that the event was free,(hehehehe…) the reason that I joined the camp was really for me to meet new friends, to meet other bloggers in the Philippines.

Aside from the fact that the event was free, I never thought that out lunch and snacks would also be free. For lunch, they served us burger steak and fried chicken from Jollibee. Well, we did not have the two, we had the option whether we will have the burger steak or the fried chicken. And for our snacks, they served us a doughnut from Krispy Kremes. (yum!yum!yum) I was really already planning this morning where I am going to take my lunch but thanks to them they served us free lunch which saved us in going out of the CAP building, under the heat of the sun. hehehhe…

Aside from the free lunch and snacks that they served us, they had also given-out many freebies and prizes. For the freebies, they gave us a bag with a mozilla badge, mozilla wrist band, and brochures of Maribago Blue Waters and Sumilon island. I was also lucky enough to get a hand with Mr. Wilson Ng’s comic book. But unfortunately, I did not win any prizes from the raffles. And I did not get any give aways for those who will ask some questions to the speakers because I did not asked. (hehehehe… They gave out t-shirts and a havainas slippers for those who will ask questions. One of the prizes of the raffles are 2 cellphones. sigh!) But that’s okay, I got what I came for, the knowledge that I have sought and the new friends that I eagerly wanted to meet. Thanks to the organizers and the sponsors of the event for coming up with this.

Here are some pictures of the event and of the freebies.