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foodtrip: coconut ice cream




days before our bangkok, thailand trip, i happen to stumble upon a blog post about how thailand’s coconut ice cream is so delicious, especially the one that is being sold at the damnoen saduak floating market.  so by the time we were already riding the boat for the floating market, we were already salivating and can’t wait for us to try it.  indeed, it is really delicious.  for only 50baht, you will already have 4scoops of coconut ice cream served on a coconut shell and with a coconut flesh and nuts.  yummy…


i survived…


nowadays, people are more health conscious. marathons, triathlon, zumba, yoga and many more exercise and other activities are the fab. other than those tiresome exercises, detox or fruit juice diet is also in the trend today. there are already a few celebrities posting there experiences in drinking those fruit juices in instagram. it’s been awhile since two of our housemates have been trying the juice diet. me and one of my roommate kept telling that one of this days we would definitely try it too. so when one of our housemate bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables and extracted its juices, we decided that we will go to the market to buy some too. we spent more or less 33sgd all-in-all. it took us almost 2 hours to finish slicing and then extract the juice using our housemate’s juicer. it was a lot of fruits and vegetables, that in between the process, the juicer stopped working because it began to over-heat. hehehe. all-in-all, we got 7 bottles full of fruit and vegetable juices. that was our only food for the next day.

the next day, even though i was still sleepy, my roommate stormed inside the room telling me that i have to get up and drink the juice. so i forced myself to get up to drink the juice. i don’t want to get sick just because hunger has already passed me by. the first juice contains celery,spinach,romaine lettuce,lemon,orange,apple,cucumber,carrots. despite how many ingredients was on the juice, i can still taste and smell the celery. but it was still delicious. by 11am, we drank again and this time the juice contains, beet root,apple,carrot. that was my least favorite because, i can smell the beet root which is like the smell of roots. hehehe. but it was sweet so it was still okay. by 2pm, watermelon,lemon,orange,apple juice was next. this was one of my favorite. it was really refreshing and tasty. by the time 5pm came, before going to church, i drank the spinach,romaine,ginger,cucumber, celery,lemon,carrot,pineapple juice.   i really don’t like any food that has ginger but surprisingly, i liked this one. the juice was a bit spicy and sour. the last juice that i drank was the papaya,grapes,apple,orange. it was like drinking a papaya shake. it was sweet. it was a nice way to end my fruit and vegetable juice diet.

even though i survived a 24 hours of not taking any solid food, my head was beginning to hurt by 9pm so i decided to eat some sandwiches. hehehe. but hey, it was a good start. i deserve a pat in the back and some applause. hopefully, the next time we do this, it won’t be too hard for me. i hope i won’t be thinking of food more often. hahaha.


below are the juice recipes.  i ordered them based on my preference.

  • watermelon,lemon,orange,apple
  • papaya,grapes,apple,orange
  • celery,spinach,romaine lettuce,lemon,orange,apple,cucumber,carrots
  • spinach,romaine,ginger,cucumber,celery,lemon,carrot,pineapple
  • beet root,apple,carrot

Mini Keyk


Last Saturday, Ate and I, decided that we will buy mini keyks and make and icing then top the icing to the mini keyks.  It was really her project.  She texted me last Monday, asking me if I know how to make icing.  She wants to make an icing then top it on a cupcake then give it to dokie.  I agreed to help her on her project since I also want to make some for Cocoy.  Hehehehe!

So last Saturday, we went to Metro Gaisano to buy the ingridients.  Before we went there, I googled on the internet on some icing recipes.  I chose the Royal Icing and Chocolate Frosting.  I relayed to her the ingridients and how to make the icing as what I have read on the internet.At t  She told me that we will just make the royal icing.(I really didn't know what on earth royal icing at that time.)  At the grocery store, I thought we will just use a white sugar.  At the time that we were about to pay, I then asked her, “was it just white sugar? or we have to use confectioner's sugar?”  I then, run fast from the cashier to where isle of the baking needs is.  Fortunately, I then found the icing sugar that we should be using.

At the time we arrived in our house, I then started to make the icing.  In the middle of my icing making, I then realized that ate went upstairs to login on her FB.  (Haist.  Here we go again.  Her project but I will be the one who will make it.)  i then asked Jeco to call ate so that she can help me.  She then went downstairs but I was already done mixing the icing.  So all she have to do is to decorate her Mini Keyks.  Sigh!

This morning, I gave the Mini Keyks which I decorated with icing to Cocoy.  I was so happy looking at him eating the mini keyks.  Hehehehe!  Next week I am planning to cook puto cheese for him.  Hehehehe!

Chicken All You Can in Max Restaurant, Balanga Bataan


Yesterday, while me and Raffy strolled the busy street of Balanga, Bataan while waiting for the 4PM mass, a thought came into me.  I want to try the chicken all you can in Max Restaurant.  Raffy agreed to my idea.  So after we attended mass, went to the hotel to get some nap and let our stomach rumble for food, we then went to Max Restaurant.

I thought I can eat as much chicken, but I was wrong.  After finishing the first chicken they have served to us, we asked the waitress to give us another piece.  But unfortunately, they served the second chicken after 10-15minutes I think.  We were already so full with the drinks that we ordered, and the hunger that we have felt earlier were already gone.  So when they finally served the second chicken, we were really full.  But we told the waitress that we want to have another chicken, but this time, we did not finish it. 😦  So sayang.  Oh well atleast we’ve tried it.

BTW, it was my first time to eat in Max.  Congrats to me.  Hehehe!

Fruity Float


Remember, the entry I wrote here wherein I told you that I made a Mango Royale?  Well, I had 1pack of graham biscuits that I haven’t used at that time.  I bought 2packs because I thought 1pack will not be enough.  So I saved it so that if I can think of any good recipe to make with it, I could use it.

Last Friday, May 6, it was Jill’s birthday.  Prior to that day she was telling me to make a mango float and bring it into their house.(while Weng will bring a cake)  I was really eager to make my experimental recipe while she was asking me that.  So even if I did not say yes to her plea, at the back of my mind, I was already planning to make my tripping2x food. Hehehehe.

But I haven’t had the luxury of time to make it. :((  It was because me,weng and cocoy had a tripping the day before Jill’s birthday and I went home so late.  But I still owe Jill a dessert.  Hihihihi.

I really don’t know what to call this one.  So I just thought of a name.  Hehehe.  Because it’s just like Mango Float wherein you will layer the crushed graham and the cream so I called it Fruity Float.  Hehehehe!  Why Fruity?  Because, instead of Mango, I used Fruit cocktail.  Hehehehe!

I was planning to put the recipe here but, because It’s just like a mango float so just look for the recipe of Mango float.  Hahahaha!

Following my Craving

For weeks now, I’ve been wanting to really try McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger(because it’s now only 80pesos).  Hehehe!  I can’t seem to have the chance to buy and eat it.  And alas, when the time came, McDonald’s Jones Branch had no stock.  Huhuhu!  So I told cocoy about it yesterday and we agreed to find a McDonald branch that has a stock of the said burder.  Hehehe! And alas!  McDonald JY had some, but we had to wait 5minutes.  Booo!  But it’s okay.  As long as I tried it before it will return to its original price.  Hehehe!  And to tell you honestly, I won’t try eating it again.  The burger was so big.  I was so full.  Until now, my tummy is still bloated.  Hehehe!  Or maybe because me and jill combined our fries and I ate to much of it.  Hehehehe!
FYI!  Posted this through my email.  Testing 123… Hehehehehe!!!


Mango Royale Turned to Mango Float


Last Good Friday, my mom made a mango tapioca for us but then there were a few mangoes left.  My sister said that we should make another mango tapioca because my brother ate all what my mom made.  But I volunteered to make a Mango Royale instead.  But because my brother was so excited to eat it, and it took so much time for the cream to get frozen.  So I decided to put another layer of crushed graham crackers and mango on top.  So instead of Mango Royale, it became a kinda mango float instead.  Hehehehe.

If you want to try and make it, below is the recipe.

1 kilo of fresh ripe mangoes, about 3 pieces2 cups of cream (or 2 225-g. cartons)1 c. of sweetened condensed milk1-1/2 c. of crushed Graham crackers6 tbsps. of melted butter (more if you want a less crumbly crust) 

The best way to start making this dessert is by chilling the cream and condensed milk. For best results, chill overnight in the fridge — not in the freezer.
Mix the melted butter and Graham crackers and press onto the bottom of a glass baking dish. Opaque or even plastic dishes will do so long as they’re okay to go into the freezer. Freeze the crust while you prepare the filling and topping.
Slice the mangoes, discard the stones then slice the flesh thinly.
In a bowl, mix the cream and sweetened condensed milk just until blended. Pour over the prepared crust. Top with the mango slices. Cover the dish with cling film and keep in the freezer for an hour to an hour and a half. Cut and serve.

Read more:

Chicken Cheese Sticks


As we all know, we have celebrated the feast of Sto. Nino last Sunday, January 16, 2011.  Every year when the whole city of Cebu is celebrating Sinulog, we always prepare food for those visitors who will come into our house.  Last year, I cooked siomai and spaghetti. Those are a few of the dishes that I know how to prepare. Hehehe!  This year instead of spaghetti, I prepared siomai and chicken cheese sticks.  And it was the first dish to replenish. Weeeeehhhh…  It wasn’t really my first time to cook the said dish.  But it was the first time that I perfected it.  Nyahahaha!  The first time I prepared it, it was a disaster.  The bread crumbs and the spring roll got burned.  But infairness to it, Jereco still devoured all the Chicken Cheese Sticks left on the plate.  Hahaha…

Here is the recipe for Chicken Cheese Sticks.

Chicken Breast(Cut into Strips and seasoned)
Cheese(Cut into Strips)
Bread Crumbs
Spring Roll/Lumpia Wrapper

Wrap the chicken strips and the cheese strips on a spring roll  or lumpia wrapper.  Dip the wrapped chicken and cheese strips into the egg and then into the bread crumbs and then deep fry it.

From Mongo Beans to Carbonara with Love


For the last weeks of December, I’ve been craving to eat Mongo Beans(Monggos).  Hehehe!  I’ve been always eating pasta, pizza, chicken and other foods for the past months.  So when Jaydee texted me one time that he’s cooking Monggos, I immediately got a craving to eat some.  Hahaha!  I can’t remember when was the last time I ate some Monggos.  So on that day ,at lunch time Me and my friend Wally really searched for a store selling it.  But unfortunately, no store was selling it.  I told Jaydee about my craving for Monggos so he
promised that he will cook for me when he will have some time.  So last January 2, while it was raining hard, Jaydee cooked Mongos.  And it was so perfect for the weather.  A hot Monggos for the cold weather.  Yummy.  Hehehe!

In return, yesterday afternoon, I cooked carbonara for Jaydee and his family.  It was my first time to cook the said dish.  I was so nervous that they might not like it.  But it turned out pretty well.  It was delicious.  Hehehe!  Well, it was because Jaydee helped me cook it.  Hahaha!  But infairness, it was me who really planned out everything and it wasalso his first time cooking carbonara.  Hehehe!  I’m so proud of myself.  Hahaha!

Below is the recipe of the Carbonara that we have made.  I won’t post the recipe of the monggos, because I did not know how Jaydee cooked it.  I was busy watching How I Met Your Mother when he was cooking it.  Hahaha!

Fettuccine Pasta
Freshmilk(1 box)
Cream(2 cups)
Chicken(cut into small pieces)
Bacon(cut into small pieces)

On a sauce pan, heat the butter.  Then add the cream.  When the cream and butter are already well mixed.  Add a a cup of the fresh milk.  Dissolve the cornstarch on a cup with fresh milk.  Then add the mixture.  When the sauce is already creamy, add the rest of the milk.

On another pan, heat the butter.  When it is already melted, sautee the garlic and onion.  Add the chicken, and season it.  When the chicken is already cooked, add the bacon.  When the bacon and chicken are cooked, mixed it with the white sauce and then add the mushroom.  Mix it for 5 minutes until the mushroom is cooked.  Then add a little salt and pepper.  Turn off the heat and mix the sauce with your pasta.  And it’s all done.

I was really planning to also put shrimp, but when we bought the ingredients, there were no shrimp being sold there.  Maybe next time.

Cooking Trip


Here is the recipe for my experiment dish. hehehe

Ham sliced into cubes or strips
Hotdog sliced
Chicken breast(get the bones and slice it)

Saute garlic and onion in a pan, add the chicken then season it with salt.  You can also add pepper on it.  When the chicken is already cooked, add the hotdogs and ham.  When it’s all cooked, add a little water.  You can season it with magic sarap.  You can then add the pasta.  Sprinkle it with cheese then plate it and then serve it while it is hot. (char…hahahaha…)