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Are you ready to commit?



I am currently reading a book entitled “Slammed”.  But I won’t give a detail here on what the book is about.  I will be talking about something that I have read on it.  The part wherein the mother of one of the main character gave her some advice on how to tell if the guy you are about to commit into a relationship with is the right one.  Layken’s mother(the name of the female main character in the story) mentioned three questions that you should answer before trying to commit to somebody.  Below are the three questions that she told Layken to consider.

1. Does he treat you with respect?
2. If he is the same person twenty years from now that he is today, would you still want to marry him?
3. Does he inspire you to want to be a better person?

If time will come that I will meet the “right guy”, I would definitely answer the above questions before deciding to commit with him.


my art to business


This morning, an idea came into me. Because I want to paint and draw, and I already experienced hand painting design on my shoes and shirts, why not start a business on that. Hmmm! I pitched the idea to my friends Retchel and Aime and they told me that the idea is nice. I think so too, I just have to research more on what good materials and tools to use and come up with good designs. I should also have the determination to pursue this idea of mine. Hopefully, this would really work.

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