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travelling, it can ruin your life


yesterday, while waiting for my turn at the clinic, i decided to read some new entries of the blogs that i am following. one of the entry that i came across was from sole sister. it talks about how travelling can ruin your life. if you want to read about it you can visit their site.

for me, if i’m going to answer the question on how travelling have ruined my life. my answer wouldn’t be far to different from what sole sister lois have enumerated. since i was a little kid, i’ve been travelling around cebu and bohol with my family and friends. but the travel bug began to contaminate me when i was already working. my aunt asked my sister and i if we wanted to tag along to their singapore tour. without hesitation, even though i have no clue how am i gonna produce the 20k pocket-money, i said yes. why wouldn’t i, the ticket just cost 1500++ and it will be my first time to ride a plane.  since then, my life was never the same.  i constantly want to travel. i am always restless. my weekend routine of just staying at home and just watch some movies all day became so boring. i constantly read some travel blogs and scout some air fare promos. from then on, if i don’t have any travel plans to look forward, i always look for some newly opened restaurants or parks or any places in cebu where my friends or cousins and i can go to. i am always on a tight budget and my plans of finishing my house was always put last. hehehe. at work, my routine would be, 2-4hours coding, 1hour looking for some places to go to then back to coding again. travelling is always on my mind. i can’t help it you know. the planning, seeing new places and tasting new food excites me. so if you don’t want to be bitten by the travel bug, just like sole sister lois said, think first before you purchase that plane ticket. hahaha.

but despite what it brought me, i still want to travel.  to explore the world and to meet new people.  travelling thought me to be brave and to see the goodness of every people.  it also taught me how to budget my money.  even though there are times that i am really on a tight budget.  it helped me to think twice whenever i want to go shopping.

happy travelling…


before midnight


women are really complicated.  even I myself don’t understand them.  why we sometimes complicate simple things?  why we just love to analyze everything? and so many other things that makes a woman complicated.  last night my roommate and I watched a movie entitled “before midnight”.  in that movie you can reallly see how a woman turns a simple topic into a big fight.  on the otherhand, despite a woman’s sillyness and craziness, there is really that one man who can really put up for that one woman’s bitchiness and selfishness.

there is no such thing as a perfect girl.  there aren’t also a perfect man.  but there is always that one person who is perfect for you.  who can put up with your craziness and shortcomings.  all we have to do is to see that, to just focus with that instead of looking for what is lacking with that person to someone else.  I’m not saying that you have to always compromise because it takes two to tango, as we say.  the other person should also realize your worth.  we should also learn to love ourselves first. you can’t really love a person if you don’t love yourself.  what I’m saying is, try to see the whole picture first before jumping into a conclusion that the person you are with isn’t the right person for you when all you did was to count all the things that he lacks.  be grateful.  love truly and stop being selfish.

the decision


when i was still in college, working outside the Philippines was one of my option. well, it was in fact one of my goal. but died down along the way after meeting a special person back then. all i wanted was just to stay in the Philippines, work there and have my own family. years have passed and the then boyfriend and i broke-up. heartaches, frustrations, depressions and loneliness led me to decide to try my luck somewhere else. until one day a former officemate of mine posted on her ym status that their company is looking for a software developer. i asked her what are the qualifications, I was reluctant to apply when she told me that the developer should know java and c++. well, i am quite familliar with those programming languages but i am not really keen in using them because i am a .net programmer. but i still gave her my resume and prayed to the Lord that if the position is for me, i hope that everything will go smoothly. to make the story short, i got the job and is already working in Singapore.

whatever God’s reason for sending me here, i just hope that i’ll soon know about it.

like a roller coaster ride


when i went to singapore last 2010, me, my sister and a friend rode a roller coaster in universal studio singapore.  it was just a small roller coaster.  it was for kids but i was really afraid during the entire ride.  i kept on laughing just to hide the fear that i was feeling during that time.  if people could hear what my mind and heart were shouting, people would really hear them yelling “stop this ride…stop this ride…please…”.  hehehe!  right now, it seems that i am back to that very moment.  the feeling that i am feeling right now is so the same.  nervous, afraid and excited.  oh God!  please… please… please… hear my prayers.

how to spend that day…


it’s been so long since i posted something here.  so a friend of mine gave me an idea or rather an assignment for me to do.  blog about this, “if you can choose how to spend your would you spend it?”.  hmmm!

i was never really a big fan of valentine’s day.  am i?  or i was just influenced by an ex-boyfriend.  he wasn’t really the type of guy who will go out of his way just for that day.  to make my life easier and to avoid disappointments, i embraced the fact that, during that day, i won’t be one of those girls out there who will be bringing something that was given by their boyfriend and will eat dinner outside.  but there is still a side of me that is a hopeless romantic gal.  there is still a part of me who keeps on wishing that even just for a day, someone would surprise me.  someone would exert an effort to prepare something for me on that day.  call me old fashion but i still want to receive love letters.  hehehe!  but i am not really fond of receiving flowers and chocolates.  it’s impractical.  and besides, i don’t really like chocolates that much.  i like to make them, but not eat them.  hehehe!

so to answer the question. i want on that day to feel that kilig feeling once again because somebody surprised me.(good, romantic surprise.  not shocking surprise. hehehe!)  hmmmm!  that would really be hard since i will be celebrating valentine’s day this year, a single lady.  but one thing is for sure, i might not feel that kilig feeling that i want, i would still have a blast tomorrow with my friends.

the dream


this is the third time that i have dreamt that dream. it might not be in the same place but it involves with the same person and the outcome is the same. the dream is not really a bad dream but everytime i wake up from that dream, it gives me that false hope, that longing. i wonder. why on earth i keep on dreaming about that? is it because, prior to those nights that i dreamt it, me and a friend were talking about that person? they said that dreams are the opposite of what will happen in the future. so does it mean that broken friendship will never be fixed again?

my seven best pictures in 2012


one more day and we will already bid goodbye to 2012.  so before it will end, i have gone through all the pictures that i have taken and selected seven best pictures that will fall to the seven categories.

  • Takes my breath away


This picture was taken during our climb in Mt. Talinis.  Everytime i see the pictures that I have taken during that adventure, it really takes my breath and I am always in awe how beautiful God’s creation is.

  • Makes me dream


This was again taken during our climb in Mt. Talinis.  I chose this picture for the said category because obviously it makes me dream.  Dream that the world would still as beautiful and green like before.

  • Makes me think


The picture above was taken in Pandan Island during my trip in Palawan.  The picture makes me think if someday, would I be able to find my soulmate.  The guy whom I would spend the rest of my life and whom I will love.(basin mao nana xa dah…hehehehe!)’

  • Makes me laugh or smile



This picture was taken when Kring2x, Grace and i went to the peryahan beside the Mabolo Church.  It makes me smile sometimes laugh remembering how we acted when we went there.  We really spend our moneys for the perya games and the ferris wheel.

  • Makes my mouth water



Well, this might just be an ordinary chicken bbq but for me it isn’t.  Why?  Because this was our meal after we descent in Mt. Talinis.  We were so hungry and exhausted that any food that will be served to us would really taste heavenly.  Aside from that, during our adventure in the mountains, all we ate were canned goods.  So imagine that, how sumptuous that chicken bbq for us.  hehehe!

  • Tells a story


This picture was taken during my cousin Gervise’s birthday.  This picture tells the story of how my cousins and I would really exert an effort to make each of us happy.  Whether it might be birthdays, christmas or just to cheer one of us, we would really give our time and energy.

  • I am most proud of



This was taken in Osmena Peak.  This picture makes me proud because, this is the first mountain climb that I have joined.  Weeeeh!  I conquered the heights.

Are you ready to commit?



I am currently reading a book entitled “Slammed”.  But I won’t give a detail here on what the book is about.  I will be talking about something that I have read on it.  The part wherein the mother of one of the main character gave her some advice on how to tell if the guy you are about to commit into a relationship with is the right one.  Layken’s mother(the name of the female main character in the story) mentioned three questions that you should answer before trying to commit to somebody.  Below are the three questions that she told Layken to consider.

1. Does he treat you with respect?
2. If he is the same person twenty years from now that he is today, would you still want to marry him?
3. Does he inspire you to want to be a better person?

If time will come that I will meet the “right guy”, I would definitely answer the above questions before deciding to commit with him.

Exploring His Hometown…

“I believe that traveling with someone is the ultimate relationship test. “

This has long been overdue, since what I'll be telling you happened last September 9-11 of this year.  But I still want to share it here so that I won't forget it.  Hehehe!  But I think I won't really be able to forget it, I may forget the exact date but the memories that I have experienced will always be remembered.  Charmous… Nyahahaha!

What I'm talking about was my trip in Dumaguete.  It wasn't really my first time to go there.  But as they all said, we may visit a place a gazillion of times, but the experience will always be different depending of who you will be with. 

The first time I visited Dumaguete city was last 2007, when my cousin graduated in college in Siliman University.  I really did not have the chance to explore the city since, we were just inside the resort where we stayed most of the time.(Don't ask me the name of the resort 'coz I always forget it…Hehehehe!)

For my second visit, I'm with MC.  He invited me over since it was a long weekend and he also want to spend some time together.  I willingly said yes, since I also wanted to spend some time with him and to explore his hometown along with him.  Exploring Dumaguete with MC was really a nice experience.  It feels like I am also discovering a part of him.  I was able to discover a lot about him on that trip, like his childhood days.

First thing you will notice in Dumaguete is that, there are a lot of restaurants all over the place.  You will never really get hungry when you want to stroll around the city.  Another thing that I notice and what I like there is how clean the air is and the peacefulness of the city.  You can just stroll around the town without worrying being mobbed and without worrying of your lungs.  Nyahehehehe! 

I've always been a nature lover.  Walking barefoot at the beach or on a grass carpeted garden.  Exploring the mountains, is what I really love to do.  And if you want to experience the beauty of nature and still want to have an access to malls, shops and restaurants, well, Dumaguete is really the place you should be.  You can even come across some snakes on the road during the night.  Hehehehe!  But don't worry it's totally safe there.

If you are planning to go there, don't forget to bring some sylvannas for me…  Hehehehe!