Before I will be turning 30 I want to accomplish the following:

1. walk at the stoned streets of vigan
2. have fun till you drop in boracay (although, we did not party till morning and did not drink many booze, we really had fun till we drop…have fun walking under the heat of the sun…)
3. live on your own in your own house
4. have to buy an oven and bake a cake
5. go to malapascua
6. travel alone
7. write a book
8. see the stalactites and stalagmites in the caves of palawan
9. learn how to drive and be able to acquire a driver’s license
10. finish with the beautification of my house
11. buy a bike
12. try all the trip packages in coron
13. try all the trip packages in el nido
14. travel to bacolod alone
15. to be able to ride a hot air balloon
16. to be able to cruise along halong bay
17. to watch the sunset in angkor wat
18. to be able to visit the temples in ayutthaya
19. to see the ever famous cherry blossoms in japan
20. travel to batanes
21. experience the yi peng festival in chang mai, thailand
22. travel to langkawi, malaysia
23. travel to maldives
24. see the shwedangon pagoda in myanmar
25. see the enchanted river and tinuy-an flls in surigao del sur
26. travel to siquijor
27. travel to bali, indonesia
28. travel to tagaytay
29. travel to baguio
30. travel to south cotabato and see the 7falls and lake sebu

That’s all I can think right now.  hehehe!  I will update this from time to time.



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