postcards: maeklong railway market, thailand




for our second day in thailand, our tour guide took us to samutsongkram, thailand where the maeklong railway market is.  it is an hour and a half drive from bangkok.  the vendors on the train railway are very resourceful and clever.  they have their ways to avoid not to be hit by the train and they already have a routine in how to move their stuffs so that the train can pass through and put it back once the train is already gone.  it was really an amazing experience to witness their lifestyle.  my heart was really pumping when the train was already approaching and passed in front of me.  i was afraid that i might get hit or what. hehehe.


photoholic: the sukosol hotel – bangkok, thailand




by the time we alight the phaya thai station, what i saw made me felt that it seems i was not in bangkok, thailand.  i felt that i was just in philippines.  so with that, i lowered my expectations to our hotel.  what was in my mind was, our hotel would be just a so-so.  but i was surprised in what i saw by the time we entered the hotel lobby, more-so when we entered our hotel room and explored its garden area and swimming pool area.  it exceeded my expectations.  it was so clean and well maintained.  and the staffs were so nice and very helpful.  good thing my friend really found the groupon hotel deal because if not, we would have just stayed in a hostel.

travelogue: bangkok, thailand


for those of you who have been constantly reading my blog, you definitely know by now that from time to time, my sole would itch wanting to wander wherever my heart and feet wants to be. last march was no exception. i posted on my fb wall one afternoon as to who wants to go for an adventure. a bunch of people liked what i posted but never really dared to comment that they want to come along with me. luckily, a friend of mine, a classmate of mine back in college, replied to my post asking me where i want to go. i told her that i am planning to go to thailand but i am hesitant to go alone. with that, she asked me as to when i am planning to go visit the place. that time, my birthday was fast approaching, so i told her that my initial plan was to travel on my birthday but since there is no longer enough time to do the planning and booking, i have to postpone it. the schedule will depend on the cheapest plane fare. hehehe! so after we acquired our plane ticket we then started planning the itinerary. well, it was my friend who more on planned the whole itinerary. i just pitched in a little ideas and told her that i wanted to visit the ayutthaya temples. hehehe!

below is our itinerary and how much i spent in thai baht and sgd.

Activity Cost
Tiger Airways Flight to Bangkok 164SGD
Arrive Bangkok
Depart from Airport to the Hotel via Airport Link 45Baht
Arrival at the Hotel and check in (The Sukosol Hotel)
Dinner at Hotel 600Baht
Enjoy the Hotel Facilities
Floating Market & Railway Market 1050Baht
Chatuchak Weekend Market 2000-3000 Baht
Back to the Hotel via Sky Train 40Baht
Traditional Thai Massage  at Lotus Spa Sukosol Hotel 1952Baht
Travel to Baiyoke Sky Hotel via Taxi 50Baht
Dinner at Baiyoke Sky Hotel 800Baht
Back to the Hotel via Taxi 50Baht
Transfer to Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel via taxi 80Baht
Ayutthaya River Sun Cruise 1553Baht
Boat transfer to Wat Pho from Si Phraya Pier 40Baht
Wat Pho entrance fee 100Baht
Wat Pho to Phaya Thai Station via taxi 100Baht
Phaya Thai to Suvarnabhumi Airport (via Airport Link) 45Baht
Dinner at Airport 498Baht
Taxi Fare from Changi Airport to House 23SGD

total estimated expenses was 600sgd-700sgd.

when in bangkok, thailang

where to stay?:

we stayed in the sukosol hotel since we availed the 3days 2nights promo that was offering.  but there are a lot of affordable hotels and inns in bangkok.  just make sure to find a hotel that is near the train station.

where to go?:

make sure to check out the ever famous maeklong train railway market and the damnoen saduak floating market.  for me, it was a very exciting experience. you can check out the website of our guide during the tour. ( she was really nice. she will really look after you like you are her own kids. hehehe!

for me, the highlight of the whole trip was to see the wat maha that temple in ayutthaya. it feels like i was in mexico, seeing the mayan temples. or in cambodia, seeing the angkor wat. if you want to experience that too, you can avail the ayutthaya tour package of river sun cruise.(

in bangkok city, there are already some tourist attractions that you can visit. like the wat pho temple, the grand palace, temple of dawn or wat arun, temple of the emerald buddha and many more. to go to those places, you can either hail a cab or ride a boat towards tha tien pier.  don’t ride the tuktuk, they really cost a lot.  make sure also to check out the chatuchak market, it only happens every weekend until 6pm.

where to dine and what to eat?:

there are a lot of street foods being sold in thailand. well, we did not really tried some. the only street food that we bought was the sliced fruits being sold in chatuchak market. foods in thailand is really cheap and delicious. make sure to try the mango sticky rice and the coconut ice cream. it’s the best.

if street foods arean’t your thing, you can also try the buffet dinner that the baiyoke sky hotel is offering. aside from the scrumptuous dinner, you can also see the spectacular view of bangkok. after your dinner, you can go to their observation deck or their revolving view point.

what to ride?:

there are many possible ways for you to get around bangkok.  you can hail a cab, a tuktuk or get on a bus.  you can also ride the BTS or train or for lesser traffic, ride a ferry.


Melaka: A Solo Trip Experience


it has long been a plan for me to visit the town of mellaca in malaysia. but it was always put behind everytime another travel plans or any other plans that will come along the way.  until one day, an idea of a first solo trip came to mind.  at first, i was really hesitant.  i asked some colleagues first if they want to tag along.  one told me that she still can’t travel outside singapore and that they need to get a visa to visit malaysia.  another one told me that it is too soon.  so, I have no choice but to pursue with the plan of going alone.

i visited the site who sells bus tickets to those who wish to visit malaysia or singapore.  when i checked the price, i was surprised that it will just cost me 38-45 sgd for a round trip ticket.  i did not buy immediately.  i still did some research and asked a friend if what I’ll be doing is completely sane and safe. hehehe.  when she told me to go, that a friend of ours once visited there alone, i then printed some maps, list of tourist attractions in mellaca and some instructions in going around mellaca, stored a lot of courage to click the buy button in the bus ticket site and finally bought my ticket.  hehehe.

on the day of my trip, it was raining in singapore.  silly me, that’s the only time i realized that i did not check what the weather will be in mellaca.  when i checked it on the internet, it showed that there will be a 60% probable rain.  so i prayed that even if the sky will be gloomy, hopefully, it will not rain.  travel time from singapore to mellaca is about 3-4hours.  depending on the traffic, how many people lining in immigration and the pace of the driver.  our bus left kovan hub in singapore at 8am and we arrived in mellaca, bus sentral at around 12 noon.  i wasn’t really hungry when we reached mellaca but since, i needed to use the toilet(you have to pay 0.30MR) and was thinking to ride the bus to reach the historic core, i have to get some coins and smaller bills for my 50MR.  i decided to have my lunch at mcdonald’s inside the bus sentral.  but by the time i finished my lunch and went to the toilet, the bus 17 that will go to the historic core already left.  so when an uncle approached me if i want to ride a taxi, i immediately grab the opportunity.  taxi ride from bus sentral to the historic core will only cost you 15MR.  not bad.

upon arriving the historic core, i was a bit confused on where to go first. hehehe. the maps that i printed out wasn’t really helpful. it was so small and a bit blurry. i decided to just go for a stroll. look for some familiar places. places that i have seen in pictures. hehehe. luckily, all of the tourist spots were in just one place. they were all in walking distance. by the time i finished seeing almost all the tourist spots, it was still 2pm. i still got a few places that i did not see, like the oldest buddhist temple, but the sun was already shining and it was so hot so i decided to just stay in a shaded part and just sit there and read an ebook. i found the jonker walk so i decided to just stay there. i was beginning to get a bit sleepy and my head was starting to hurt because of the heat and lack of sleep so by 4pm, i decided to look for a place where i could eat and stay there for a while. i found one place who sells some ice cream and other refreshments and some food. i bought a mango flavored ice cream and a chicken puff. i stayed there for 30minutes and decided to start walking and find a new spot where i can sit and wait for the time.

i went back to dutch square and stayed there for an hour before i decided to ride bus no 17 that will take me back to bus sentral. my bus for singapore will leave at 8pm, but since the bus ride from the historical core to bus sentral will take 90minutes, i decided to take bus no 17 at around 5:30pm. i know, it was still early, but i was beginning to get bored and i was experiencing a very bad headache. even though it was still a bit early by the time i arrived in bus sentral, i still proceeded to the booth of the bus company where i bought my ticket to check-in.  after checking-in, i waited for about an hour for the bus to arrive.  it was beginning to get dark and the mosquitoes were enjoying their time flying around me.   by 8pm, the bus finally came.  good thing it did because by 8pm, the bus sentral was already so dark.  all the lights were turned off and i was really glad when we finally left the bus station.

the bus ride in going back to singapore was a very long one.  it took 5hours for us to finally arrive in our destination.  what’s worst was, i was suffering from a very bad headache and the bus was so cold that i can’t sleep.  when we finally arrived at the immigration of malaysia, i found a 7/11 store.  i decided to buy some panadols for my headache.  atleast, my problem will be lessened.  i just have to worry with the cold.

despite all the mishaps of my solo trip.  i did enjoy it.  now i know that i can really survive travelling alone.  i learned a few things that i could apply to my next travels and also to my day-to-day battle with life.  if somebody will ask me if i am going to travel alone again, my answer would be yes.  travelling alone from time to time is indeed a very nice experience.  but of course, you have to be very cautious of your surroundings for you to be safe.

lessons learned during the trip:

  1. bring a medicine kit. you might get a headache or stomachache. it’s really nice to be prepared.
  2. i should bring a jacket.
  3. i should learn to talk more to locals. ask some questions, ask them to take my pictures.
  4. prepare an itinerary to maximize the time and not to waste it. don’t just print a list of places you want to visit.
  5. bring a book that you could read to keep you company.
  6. don’t be afraid to explore the town.  don’t just limit yourself in visiting the famous tourist spots.
  7. be confident, but don’t be arrogant.(not that i was being an arrogant. i was just a bit timid as usual.)
  8. don’t be afraid and forget to try the local delicacies.
  9. don’t be too judgmental. give the locals a chance.  don’t settle with the idea of what other people are saying about them even if you haven’t experienced it.  but just be cautious.
  10. enjoy the moment.  don’t worry too much.  relax and have fun.

going around mellaca:
upon arriving in mellaca bus sentral, you have two choices in going to the historic core.

taking a taxi:
upon alighting the bus, there are already some taxi drivers who will ask you if you want a ride. a taxi ride from bus sentral to the historic core will just cost 15MR. travel time is just 15-30minutes. depending on the traffic.

taking a bus:
take the panorama bus no 17. i really don’t know the exact travel time since i did not take a bus from bus sentral to the historic core. it will just cost you 2MR. take note that it can be very crowded inside the bus. the bus route is just a loop. so if you want to go back to the bus sentral, you can just take the same bus at the same place where you alighted which is at the dutch square. but bear in mind that it will take 90minutes for you to get to bus sentral from historic core especially during peak hours.

renting a trishaw:
if you don’t want to walk around when exploring the historic core, you can rent a trishaw for 40MR for an hour. the driver will already bring you to all the tourist destinations and will discuss to you some historical facts about the places.

you can also rent some bicycles to explore the whole town. the town of mellaca is just small. you can tour around it for just one day.

the dutch square…you can begin your tour here…


the view above bukit saint paul…


just a few of the old structures and means of transportation that you can see in mellaca…


trishaws…most of the trishaws are designed with hello kitty and flowers…


mellaca marine museum


 mellaca sultanate palace


some of the things you can see inside mellaca sultanate palace…


the view from the window of  mellaca sultanate palace


mellaca river



aside from the chicken balls, which i haven’t tried, this refreshment here is one of the must try in mellaca…



i don’t know if there are other artworks that you can find around mellaca, but this one for me is so cool…




the mango ice cream that i bought…the texture of their ice cream is different from the normal ice cream…



bought this hat for just 10MR…



saw this couple while i was taking a rest at the dutch square…



i wanted to try to have a cartoon caricature of myself but this whole family took so long…i opted not to and just ride the bus in going to bus sentral…


my haggard self after the whole trip…


sariling sikap moments…

batam day tour


aside from malaysia, a part of indonesia is also quite near to singapore. batam, indonesia is located 20km south of singapore. it is a 1hour travel by ferry. after our videoke session in johor bahru, malaysia last lunar new year, my friend and i decided that we hit batam, indonesia next for a relaxing massage.

a week before our agreed date to go to batam, i kept on researching on some information about the island and how to go there. when we found out that the ferry plus the travel tax and terminal fee is quite costly, we decided to look for some package deals that we could avail. luckily, i found a 1day tour package deal in it is just 28SGD and it already includes a round trip ferry ticket, 1day tour, massage and seafood lunch. so, all we have to worry is the 28SGD travel tax and terminal fee and the 2SGD tip to the bus driver. but since we have to make a reservation 3days before the trip, we decided to move the date two weeks later.

we left the house by 6am in the morning since the travel agency instructed us to be at the port 90minutes before the departure time. At exactly 8:20 the ferry departed. Upon arriving in sekupang international ferry terminal, the line in immigration was already long. we arrived in batam around 9am but the tour began by 11am. if you are planning to go to batam, in immigration office, make sure that you don’t make too much noise, read the signs so that the immigration officers won’t get mad at you and the guards will not get yout passport and won’t hold you inside an office. that’s what happened to the group that was behind us. when we were already outside the immigration, we were having a hard time locating our guide. we have to ask several guides that were waiting outside the exit door. when we finally found our guide, she told us to wait in the corner or to go to the toilet first because she was waiting for the other groups to arrive.(my roommate and i suspected that the other remaining group was the one who was detained inside the immigration office. we never saw them again.) my roommate and i decided to go to the toilet first but by the time we went outside, our guide was nowhere to be found. we asked another guide again and he informed us that our guide was looking for the other group. when our guide went back, she then told us to follow her towards the bus.(the other group that she was looking was not with her when she went back. hmmm! i really wonder what happened to them.)

in the itinerary that the y.s. travel gave to us, it stated there that our first stop for the tour will be the maha vihara duta maitreya temple, but our tour guide informed us that for those people who availed for the massage package will be dropped off at the massage parlor and they will just pick us up after an hour while the others will head to the temple then to the batik store. honestly, i did not really like the massage. what i only enjoyed is the ginger tea and when the masseur told me that i am beautiful. nyahahahaha! true to what our guide told us, they went to fetch us after the massage was over. after the massage, we went to a series of shops. there was nothing really special to it. the only part that i like were the lapis cake tasting(my friend and i were the one who finished all the cake…hehehe…), seafood lunch and going to the miniature house in golden city. the places that we went to were just stores, there was nothing really special to it and it seems that the guide was in such a hurry to finish the tour. aside from that, the email indicated that the guide will be speaking in english, but majority of the time, she was speaking in chinese because there were three people who can’t understand english. pfft!

the tour finished at around 4pm. after dropping off the people who will be spending overnight in batam to their hotels, we were then dropped off at the sekupang international ferry centre. since, we will be boarding the 7pm ferry we decided to go to the nearby mall. to our dismay, we couldn’t find the entrance to the mall. because of that, we decided to just go to a cafe near the terminal and spend our last 20000rupiah.

i wasn’t really impressed with batam. it seems that i was just having a tour in a very far province in the philippines but the provinces in the philippines for me has more to offer than batam. if you plan to go to batam, don’t ever get a tour package. just go there and explore the town.

the view upon leaving harbourfront ferry terminal… nice…

the guide will know that you are a part of her group by this sticker. but without the sticker she remembers that you are part of the group. she even remembers your name.

the massage parlor where we had a massage.

there were many signs like this along the way. I did not dare to ask the guide what are those.

streets of batam

the batik store… we dis not buy anything there because we did not have enough money… hehehe…

outside the batik store, there were vendors selling cassava chips. we bought 5 packs for 100,000 rupiah.

my favorite part… eating many lapis cakes…

this is how they make the lapis cakes…

the prices of the lapis cakes. this is where we spent majority of our money…hehehe…

the proof that we finished all the lapis cake sample…

this is where we had our lunch… there’s a pond below the restaurant… it is really nice to eat here… aside from the delicious food, the wind is so cool and fresh…

nice spots where you can have your picture taken.

the batam miniature house… it shows the different houses you can find in indonesia.

aside from the miniature house park, there is also a go kart track.

our last stop for the day was the chocolate house. they sell many chocolates in low prices.

oslob, cebu


when i went back home to cebu last december for a two-week vacation, one destination on my itinerary is to go to oslob, cebu with my ccym family to go swimming with the butandings(whale sharks) and to relax under the heat of the sun in sumilon island.

the municipality of oslob is located at the southern part of cebu. to get there, you have to endure a 2-3 hours bus ride. just go to cebu south bus terminal and ride a bus that will go to santander or oslob and tell the guy who distributes the bus ticket to drop you off at barangay tan-awan, oslob. that’s the barangay wherein most resorts can help you arrange for the butanding watching and a day tour in sumilon island.

since we will be staying in brumini beach resort, the bus drop us off near the tan-awan barangay hall. when we already alight the bus, there were some annoying tricycle drivers and a teenage guy who kept on asking us where we were heading and who kept on telling us if we want to stay on their resort. when we mentioned that we were going to check-in at brumini beach resort, one of the tricycle driver told us that we should hire his service to send us off there because it is a bit far. another guy then seconded what the driver has said which convinced us to ride the tricycle, since we were also hungry and tired due to the long hours of travel. but sadly, we were fooled. if we opted to walk, it would just have taken us 5minutes to get to the resort. tsk3x. when we mentioned what happened to the receptionist of the resort, they told us that the driver was new to the place. oh really?

our first activity for that day was to go to sumilon island. but before going to the island, we had our lunch first and waited till 1pm for our room to be ready so that we can get ready for the afternoon’s activity and leave our belongings there. when we were all ready, we then headed to the shore to ride the bangka that will send us to sumilon island. travel time to the island is 15-30 minutes, depending on the waves. the last time i went to sumilon, a friend and i stayed at bluewaters resort for the night. majority of the island is owned by bluewaters but for those people who did not checked-in in bluewaters or did not avail their day use package, they can just enjoy the part of the island where the sandbar is. and that’s the part where we will be spending our afternoon.

sumilon island, is a paradise but bluewaters, the people who go there and the locals failed to maintain its beauty. not only the area where the sandbar is but also part where most of the amenities of the resort is.  in fairness to maribago resort, their rooms are very nice and clean and their food are very delicious.

after an afternoon full of laughter, so many pictures were taken and the time we were already exhausted in fighting with the waves while we were swimming in the water we decided to head back to brumini.

since, we slept late that night, the next day, some of us, and i’m one of them, was not able to witness the magnificent sunrise. 😦 after we ate our breakfast and got ready for the whale watching, we were then given a life jacket and was told to ride the bangka that will send us to the area where the orientation will be held before they will send us to the area where the butandings are. that was not my first time to see the butandings up close. but the first time i went there, i did not come down from the bangka to swim with the butandings. since, there is a minimum distance between you and the butanding, we were so cautious as to not touch them. but since the waves were very strong, it was really hard to follow the minimum distance. there were times that they will really swim near you that you can touch them. there were a few of us who were able to touch them accidentally. after 30 minutes, it was time to head back to the resort. 😦

with just less than 2000 pesos spent, i already had a fun-filled vacation. it was really a money well spent.


if you want to contact brumini beach resort, you can reach them on the above contact details…


ccym family…with smiles on our faces after a fun-filled trip…


we were the only occupants inside the bangka…we payed 2000php for the whole bangka…


oslob, from sumilon island…



sandbar in sumilon island…perfect for a photo shoot…


the water is so clear…nice for an underwater photoshoot…


the woman who did the orientation before we could see the butanding…


so happy…we will be able to swim with the butandings…


a fisherman feeding the butandings so that they will stay in one place…



the butandings…

a walk to mount faber, singapore


another park that you could visit in singapore is the mount faber. mount faber is a hill in singapore which is located near the bukit merah planning area. to get there, you have to ride a bus in vivo city.

there are possible ways in going up the hill and we chose the longest way. it is by passing by the alexandra arch then to the forest walk then finally to henderson wave bridge. at the top of the hill, there is a restaurant and so as the cable car station to sentosa.


while crossing the alexandra arch, you can see this weird but cool building…


forest walk


path to henderson wave bridge


henderson wave… there’s a rumor that during night-time, you can spot some ghosts here…


road towards mount faber…finally…


we’re here…yata…


cable car designs…


the view from the top…

singapore botanic gardens


since, singapore doesn’t have mountains where we can climb or trek and beaches where we can relax and go swimming, my roommate and i decided to just explore their nature parks. we have already been to macritchie water reservoir so our next stop was the botanic gardens.

botanic gardens is way different to macritchie water reservoir because it has pathways and it has many flowers. so rain or shine, you can go strolling in botanic gardens. while in macritchie, there are a bunch of monkeys roaming around, in botanic gardens you can see a few squirrels, turtles and a some swans.

if you want to visit botanic gardens, you can read the instructions here.


just a few of the animals that you will see in botanic gardens…



a few of the orchids that you will see inside the national orchid garden.  there is a 5 sgd fee upon entering the garden.



misthouse is just one of the many sections inside the national orchid garden




another section inside the national orchid garden is the cool house…true to its name, going inside the cool house is really cold…image

aside from strolling and marveling of the beauty of the garden, you can also have a photo session.  there are a lot of beautiful spots.


travelling, it can ruin your life


yesterday, while waiting for my turn at the clinic, i decided to read some new entries of the blogs that i am following. one of the entry that i came across was from sole sister. it talks about how travelling can ruin your life. if you want to read about it you can visit their site.

for me, if i’m going to answer the question on how travelling have ruined my life. my answer wouldn’t be far to different from what sole sister lois have enumerated. since i was a little kid, i’ve been travelling around cebu and bohol with my family and friends. but the travel bug began to contaminate me when i was already working. my aunt asked my sister and i if we wanted to tag along to their singapore tour. without hesitation, even though i have no clue how am i gonna produce the 20k pocket-money, i said yes. why wouldn’t i, the ticket just cost 1500++ and it will be my first time to ride a plane.  since then, my life was never the same.  i constantly want to travel. i am always restless. my weekend routine of just staying at home and just watch some movies all day became so boring. i constantly read some travel blogs and scout some air fare promos. from then on, if i don’t have any travel plans to look forward, i always look for some newly opened restaurants or parks or any places in cebu where my friends or cousins and i can go to. i am always on a tight budget and my plans of finishing my house was always put last. hehehe. at work, my routine would be, 2-4hours coding, 1hour looking for some places to go to then back to coding again. travelling is always on my mind. i can’t help it you know. the planning, seeing new places and tasting new food excites me. so if you don’t want to be bitten by the travel bug, just like sole sister lois said, think first before you purchase that plane ticket. hahaha.

but despite what it brought me, i still want to travel.  to explore the world and to meet new people.  travelling thought me to be brave and to see the goodness of every people.  it also taught me how to budget my money.  even though there are times that i am really on a tight budget.  it helped me to think twice whenever i want to go shopping.

happy travelling…

i survived…


nowadays, people are more health conscious. marathons, triathlon, zumba, yoga and many more exercise and other activities are the fab. other than those tiresome exercises, detox or fruit juice diet is also in the trend today. there are already a few celebrities posting there experiences in drinking those fruit juices in instagram. it’s been awhile since two of our housemates have been trying the juice diet. me and one of my roommate kept telling that one of this days we would definitely try it too. so when one of our housemate bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables and extracted its juices, we decided that we will go to the market to buy some too. we spent more or less 33sgd all-in-all. it took us almost 2 hours to finish slicing and then extract the juice using our housemate’s juicer. it was a lot of fruits and vegetables, that in between the process, the juicer stopped working because it began to over-heat. hehehe. all-in-all, we got 7 bottles full of fruit and vegetable juices. that was our only food for the next day.

the next day, even though i was still sleepy, my roommate stormed inside the room telling me that i have to get up and drink the juice. so i forced myself to get up to drink the juice. i don’t want to get sick just because hunger has already passed me by. the first juice contains celery,spinach,romaine lettuce,lemon,orange,apple,cucumber,carrots. despite how many ingredients was on the juice, i can still taste and smell the celery. but it was still delicious. by 11am, we drank again and this time the juice contains, beet root,apple,carrot. that was my least favorite because, i can smell the beet root which is like the smell of roots. hehehe. but it was sweet so it was still okay. by 2pm, watermelon,lemon,orange,apple juice was next. this was one of my favorite. it was really refreshing and tasty. by the time 5pm came, before going to church, i drank the spinach,romaine,ginger,cucumber, celery,lemon,carrot,pineapple juice.   i really don’t like any food that has ginger but surprisingly, i liked this one. the juice was a bit spicy and sour. the last juice that i drank was the papaya,grapes,apple,orange. it was like drinking a papaya shake. it was sweet. it was a nice way to end my fruit and vegetable juice diet.

even though i survived a 24 hours of not taking any solid food, my head was beginning to hurt by 9pm so i decided to eat some sandwiches. hehehe. but hey, it was a good start. i deserve a pat in the back and some applause. hopefully, the next time we do this, it won’t be too hard for me. i hope i won’t be thinking of food more often. hahaha.


below are the juice recipes.  i ordered them based on my preference.

  • watermelon,lemon,orange,apple
  • papaya,grapes,apple,orange
  • celery,spinach,romaine lettuce,lemon,orange,apple,cucumber,carrots
  • spinach,romaine,ginger,cucumber,celery,lemon,carrot,pineapple
  • beet root,apple,carrot