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postcards: bang pa-in palace – summer palace




when i was still a little girl, i used to play with my dolls and dress them up as if they were princesses and i for one would dress up using our blankets and curtains and pretend that i am a princess as well.  now that i am old enough to play dolls and dress up games, i settled myself to watching historical romances and period dramas.  oh, how i love to see those colorful gowns and magnificent castles.  so it was a dream come true for me when we came to visit band pa-in palace on our third day in thailand.  bang pa-in palace was built in the 17th century by king prasat thong.  it is located in bang pa-in district ayutthaya province.  it is open daily from 8am to 4pm.  to enter into the palace, you have to dress in an appropriate clothing.  you can’t wear sleeveless and the ladies should not wear shorts and skimpy skirts.  if you were not able to bring any proper attire, you can rent a sarong at the entrance of the palace for 200baht.