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wat pho temple – bangkok, thailand




our last activity before heading to suvarnabhumi airport for our flight back to singapore was the city tour.  we boarded a ferry at si phraya pier and alighted at tha tien pier.  our first stop was the wat pho temple, the home of the biggest reclining golden buddha.  just like in bang pa-in palace, one should wear proper clothing to enter the temple.  if you are wearing sleeveless and shorts, you can borrow some green robes for free.  you also have to take off your footwear and put it inside a blue bag.  while roaming inside the temple, i saw some people putting coins inside a steel bowl.  i was really curious in what they were doing but i did not have the chance to ask.  i was also hesitant to ask them because i did not want to break their concentration in what they were doing.  i’ve read that people who come to the temple put coins on the steel bowl for good luck and also for the upkeep of the temple.  when you are already done wandering inside the temple, you can also check out the many stupas within the vicinity of wat pho.  by 5pm, we decided to go to the grand palace but when we asked the security guard for some directions, she told us that it was already closed.(it closes at 3pm)  so we decided to end our thailand trip and head to the airport so that we could already check-in, freshen up and eat our dinner.  even though it was so sad to bid goodbye to thailand we have to go back to singapore.  we have to go back to work for us to save again for our next destination.  oh well…  till next time thailand.  i will definitely come back.  but for now, i have to save up and explore other countries.


cruising along the chao phraya river, thailand




the last part of our ayutthaya cruise tour was the relaxing chao phraya river cruise.  it was already 1pm bangkok (2pm sgt) time when we boarded the ship.  we were already so hungry, tired and feeling so hot.  luckily, we were having a buffet lunch.  unfortunately, i wasn’t able to take much food as i have planned because i was again caught up hearing all the good stories courtesy of our new-found friends.  you see, the other group that was joining on our table were also pinoys and speaks bisaya language like us.  oohhh!  how i envied the woman who sat opposite me.  her daughter kept on serving her some food.  but nevertheless, it was a relaxing and fun-filled experience.  it was really nice to bump into them.

postcards: baiyoke sky hotel dinner buffet



after a very tiring day and after we had a very relaxing massage, what more can we ask for? a sumptuous dinner and a spectacular view. luckily, baiyoke sky hotel has that. the view will.make the food taste more delicious. unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat much because I was too busy listening to the conversations and stories of my aunt and my friend. good food, good view and a spectacular view. what more can I ask for? by the way, if you are wondering how much the.dinner buffet is, it was just 800baht. so make sure to put baiyoke sky hotel on your checklist when you visit bangkok, thailand.

shopaholic: chatuchak market – bangkok,thailand




majority of the people i know, when they hear the word bangkok, the first thing that comes into their mind is shopping.  hehehe!  and i for one is no exception to that.  when we were still in the planning stage of our trip, i often come across of some articles about the chatuchak market. chatuchak market is open every weekends from morning till 6pm. the stuffs that are being sold at the market are of various kind. you can find pets, clothes, accessories, shoes, foods, kitchenware and many more. if ever you want to visit chatuchak market, make sure to bring plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes and footwear. do remember that the weather in thailand is really hot.

foodtrip: coconut ice cream




days before our bangkok, thailand trip, i happen to stumble upon a blog post about how thailand’s coconut ice cream is so delicious, especially the one that is being sold at the damnoen saduak floating market.  so by the time we were already riding the boat for the floating market, we were already salivating and can’t wait for us to try it.  indeed, it is really delicious.  for only 50baht, you will already have 4scoops of coconut ice cream served on a coconut shell and with a coconut flesh and nuts.  yummy…

photoholic: the sukosol hotel – bangkok, thailand




by the time we alight the phaya thai station, what i saw made me felt that it seems i was not in bangkok, thailand.  i felt that i was just in philippines.  so with that, i lowered my expectations to our hotel.  what was in my mind was, our hotel would be just a so-so.  but i was surprised in what i saw by the time we entered the hotel lobby, more-so when we entered our hotel room and explored its garden area and swimming pool area.  it exceeded my expectations.  it was so clean and well maintained.  and the staffs were so nice and very helpful.  good thing my friend really found the groupon hotel deal because if not, we would have just stayed in a hostel.

travelogue: bangkok, thailand


for those of you who have been constantly reading my blog, you definitely know by now that from time to time, my sole would itch wanting to wander wherever my heart and feet wants to be. last march was no exception. i posted on my fb wall one afternoon as to who wants to go for an adventure. a bunch of people liked what i posted but never really dared to comment that they want to come along with me. luckily, a friend of mine, a classmate of mine back in college, replied to my post asking me where i want to go. i told her that i am planning to go to thailand but i am hesitant to go alone. with that, she asked me as to when i am planning to go visit the place. that time, my birthday was fast approaching, so i told her that my initial plan was to travel on my birthday but since there is no longer enough time to do the planning and booking, i have to postpone it. the schedule will depend on the cheapest plane fare. hehehe! so after we acquired our plane ticket we then started planning the itinerary. well, it was my friend who more on planned the whole itinerary. i just pitched in a little ideas and told her that i wanted to visit the ayutthaya temples. hehehe!

below is our itinerary and how much i spent in thai baht and sgd.

Activity Cost
Tiger Airways Flight to Bangkok 164SGD
Arrive Bangkok
Depart from Airport to the Hotel via Airport Link 45Baht
Arrival at the Hotel and check in (The Sukosol Hotel)
Dinner at Hotel 600Baht
Enjoy the Hotel Facilities
Floating Market & Railway Market 1050Baht
Chatuchak Weekend Market 2000-3000 Baht
Back to the Hotel via Sky Train 40Baht
Traditional Thai Massage  at Lotus Spa Sukosol Hotel 1952Baht
Travel to Baiyoke Sky Hotel via Taxi 50Baht
Dinner at Baiyoke Sky Hotel 800Baht
Back to the Hotel via Taxi 50Baht
Transfer to Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel via taxi 80Baht
Ayutthaya River Sun Cruise 1553Baht
Boat transfer to Wat Pho from Si Phraya Pier 40Baht
Wat Pho entrance fee 100Baht
Wat Pho to Phaya Thai Station via taxi 100Baht
Phaya Thai to Suvarnabhumi Airport (via Airport Link) 45Baht
Dinner at Airport 498Baht
Taxi Fare from Changi Airport to House 23SGD

total estimated expenses was 600sgd-700sgd.

when in bangkok, thailang

where to stay?:

we stayed in the sukosol hotel since we availed the 3days 2nights promo that groupon.com was offering.  but there are a lot of affordable hotels and inns in bangkok.  just make sure to find a hotel that is near the train station.

where to go?:

make sure to check out the ever famous maeklong train railway market and the damnoen saduak floating market.  for me, it was a very exciting experience. you can check out the website of our guide during the tour. (http://www.ratservice.com/) she was really nice. she will really look after you like you are her own kids. hehehe!

for me, the highlight of the whole trip was to see the wat maha that temple in ayutthaya. it feels like i was in mexico, seeing the mayan temples. or in cambodia, seeing the angkor wat. if you want to experience that too, you can avail the ayutthaya tour package of river sun cruise.(http://www.bangkok.com/river-cruise-tours/riversun.htm)

in bangkok city, there are already some tourist attractions that you can visit. like the wat pho temple, the grand palace, temple of dawn or wat arun, temple of the emerald buddha and many more. to go to those places, you can either hail a cab or ride a boat towards tha tien pier.  don’t ride the tuktuk, they really cost a lot.  make sure also to check out the chatuchak market, it only happens every weekend until 6pm.

where to dine and what to eat?:

there are a lot of street foods being sold in thailand. well, we did not really tried some. the only street food that we bought was the sliced fruits being sold in chatuchak market. foods in thailand is really cheap and delicious. make sure to try the mango sticky rice and the coconut ice cream. it’s the best.

if street foods arean’t your thing, you can also try the buffet dinner that the baiyoke sky hotel is offering. aside from the scrumptuous dinner, you can also see the spectacular view of bangkok. after your dinner, you can go to their observation deck or their revolving view point.

what to ride?:

there are many possible ways for you to get around bangkok.  you can hail a cab, a tuktuk or get on a bus.  you can also ride the BTS or train or for lesser traffic, ride a ferry.