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Bintan, Indonesia


one of the destinations that i have been wanting to cross out on my list was bintan,indonesia. it is just a 45-minute travel from singapore but i can’t seem to have the courage to go there on my own. plus, most of the travel package that are offered on the different travel agencies that i find, are a minimum of two to go. so travelling alone isn’t really an option. when my boyfriend invited me to go, i still had some qualms in going there. this time, it was more on the financial aspect. ūüė¶

but despite the hesitations, i still looked for some cheap hotel with ferry packages to bintan. thus, i came accross the website of holiday city. i booked the one that they were offering for just s$274. the package already includes the following:

(a) Stay at Nirwana Beach Club Bintan with breakfast and welcome drink;
(b) Return Economy Class Ferry Tickets departing from Singapore, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT): SIN – BIN – SIN;
(c) Return land transfer: Pier – Resort – Pier
(d) SGD23.40 per person for Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal passenger levy, Bintan Terminal passenger levy, Baggage Handling Charge, Fuel Surcharge, Security Tax and Bintan Departure Tax.

it was indeed an offer that i can’t resist. unlike the other packages that i saw in groupon and other site, the one in holiday city doesn’t have hidden charges. yey to that. hehehe.

Below are the activities that we did and the expenses that we had during the trip.

Activities/Expenses Amount(SGD)
Hotel Plus Ferry 273
Lunch at La Luna Restaurant 45
Kayaking 14
Dinner at Nirwana Resort Restaurant 54
Refreshments at La Luna Restaurant 17
Refreshments at Mayang Sari Beach Resort 17
Lunch at La Luna Restaurant 27
Total 447

Not bad right? ¬†A weekend in Bintan, Indonesia¬†will just cost you 200-250SGD per person. ¬†Sigaporean Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah are the two currencies that you can use there. ¬†By the way, if you¬†don’t want to spend too much on food, you can go to Pasar Ole-Ole, instead of dining in the restaurants inside the resort. ¬†I’ve read that the food there are more cheaper. ¬†As much as I wanted, we did not go there though. ūüė¶

our cabin…it has a veranda outside where you can hangout at night. but be sure to bring an insect repellent if you don’t like the mosquitoes to feast on you…

there are several water sports that you can try in the resort…one of these is kayaking…they also have zipline…

chasing sunset…sunset in bintan is superb…

aside from the beach, bintan beach resort also has a swimming pool…